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Mesa County DHS Director Tracey Garchar being TRUTHFUL in recent Meeting with VetTheGov?

VetTheGov attended a meeting with Mesa County DHS Executive Director Tracey Garchar regarding the embarrassing and sloppy details of how the Seriani family was treated in the out of jurisdiction overreach case. VetTheGov towards the end of the meeting asked how Director Garchar overspent by almost $1.5 Million on his child welfare budget expenditures to see if it somehow related to the urgent need to send case managers out of jurisdiction and Director Garchar responded that VetTheGov was wrong with the information in its previous story. Since Truth is always the quest here at VetTheGov, the following information was located for your review.

First off below you can see the State DHS (Over)/Under Expenditures regarding the $1.492 Million was OVER (Not Under) Expenditures allowed by the State of Colorado for Mesa County allocations. You will also notice the previous years total was $961,962 Over Expenditures yet Director Garchar defends a $20K difference.

Now in the video below you will hear the comments regarding VetTheGov's "wrong" comment along with defense of the case load being higher.

Finally shown below are stats from 2011-2015 regarding accepted abuse and neglect calls (shown in green) are down versus up as stated by Director Garchar. Here is the actual link so that you can manipulate the data over a longer historical trend but will show that trends are way down versus what was stated in the meeting.

VetTheGov located this State Joint Budget Committee piece on page 15 regarding the State Department of Human Services on County Governments.

"If counties over-expend their allocations, they are responsible for covering the shortfall, although they are often able to access federal matching funds for county-only expenditures, depending upon the program."

On page 22-County Incentive Payments: "County incentive payments are distributed to counties on a quarterly basis using the same formula that is applied for federal child support enforcement incentives. The formula takes into account the "collections base" for the county (an adjustment for county size) and each county’s performance on four child support enforcement measures: the paternity establishment percentage, the percentage of caseload with child support enforcement orders, the percent of current support paid, and the percent of arrears cases with a payment made. Counties are required to spend county incentive payments on social services, but are otherwise unrestricted in how the funds are used."

Director Garchar is the leader of a multi-million dollar Mesa County government organization with only an accounting background that is responsible for sending out unqualified case managers to interrogate your kids anywhere and by any means necessary to meet the deadlines for what appears to be incentive dollars for this county department. What is so sad these days are the Mesa County social stats trending way up or leading nationally in all negative categories that this department is tasked to lower! Stay tuned as the complete Seriani Jurisdiction Overreach Case will be published very soon.


VetTheGov addresses Mesa County BOCC regarding DHS Jurisdictional Overreach!


Exclusive: Mesa County DHS Executive Director Drains Budget with Raises & Bonuses

In recent local news the Executive Director DHS Tracey Garchar was under fire for overspending his budget by almost $1.5 Million. VetTheGov through CORA request has discovered several email exchanges between Commissioner Pugliese and Director Garchar that prove beyond disturbing for We the Tax Slaves. In the emails shown below you will notice that only Commissioner Pugliese catches the fact that Director Garchar's sudden ask for more money was because he overspent his Child Welfare budget by a mere $1,492,428.00. Upon closer examination, the Director also handed out over $265,000.00 in raises for 2015 alone and an additional $19,266.52 in 2015 Bonuses. A majority of the raises and bonuses came at the beginning of the year in which no County Commissioner even had any knowledge the above took place. Now at least you know the rest of the story.

Mesa County tax slaves with this type of take care of me mentality and open checkbook writing even if the checks bounce, it appears many changes are needed in the accountability department! However chances are the County Commissioners have zero control of the budget and department heads and therefore status quo Bankruptcy and Too Big To Fail bailouts will continue. In the current Big Government designed system, Mesa County is on the hook for 20% of the funding for DHS and so when the Director decides to overspend there are no worries because another bailout will be provided and the mess continues on towards future generations. What comes next of course is the continued justification of jobs and the forever addition of more services so that paychecks, raises, bonuses, and retirement benefits are secured and less and less freedoms and liberties for the tax slaves. Above all else you will never be able to achieve above and beyond because you are a SLAVE to this broken evil system. What's so crazy are the folks defending and supporting this out of control monster often do so at their very own peril because sooner or later another government created bubble burst and government bankruptcy looms.

VetTheGov took the time to watch the public pleadings by Tracey Garchar and his subordinates most of who received a raise or bonus along with the Hilltop CEO whose 279K in 2013 total benefits package and the Millions in services contracted by the Mesa County which comes directly from the inflow of local, state, & federal Tax monies open checkbook. How many more local organizations are on the dole is a to be continued once all CORA request are delivered. Towards the end of the video you will also see two of your county commissioners Scott McInnis & John Justman completely APPROVE of the open checkbook Executive Director by only agreeing to an extension of time to correct the issues of his spending and transparency by January 12, 2016. This action without a doubt reflects Commissioner McInnis & Justman's ulterior motives to protect the pockets of the Exclusive stakeholders in the valley, their own preparations for future political offices and retirement accounts, and of course no problems taking the $72,500.00 tax slaves monies for rubber stamping more Big Government. Mesa County with this type of leadership we are surely doomed unless of course you are inside the club receiving mutual benefits from the large trough of public funds! See the BOCC comment video below and take notice of the many who were recipients of Garchar's charity on We the Tax Slaves dime:

This is Part 1 of a series on one of many local Mesa County non-transparent government agencies hiding behind the veil of redistribution for a paycheck. For Part 2, VetTheGov is awaiting a CORA request for line-by-line P-Card and total spending for Mesa County Department of Human Services (DHS) since it appears the Executive Director doesn't need permission to exhaust the open taxpayer provided checkbook. Stay tuned as VetTheGov continues to bring you transparency from behind Big Government's smoke and mirrors game of catch me if you can!