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Super Budget Committee's smokescreen over Special Interest Tax Dollars!

Everyone once again is watching and waiting for another last minute miracle from the super budget committee that includes only the two party system. Yet once again in a backdoor move that breezed through both the house and senate we have an extension so our politicians get paid and a government shutdown is averted in the nick of time. Look at how they mask this spending bill under the names of Agriculture, FDA, and rural development. Our government can't seem to stop spending as noted in H.R. 2112. Just another band-aide and just another taxpayer funded check for your senators and representatives! 

The committee is meeting behind closed doors and you can bet they won't accomplish anything except Spend Spend Spend and stick it to the tax payers and middle class because the middle class is too weak to stop them! Are you too weak? You are if you continue to allow corruption in Big Government. Knowledge is power and the time is now to become more vocal and involved then ever before!

Let's take a closer look at the super committee Incumbents and who they really represent.

Senator Patty Murray (D) Co-chair - 2011 Committee Contributions $70,750

Senator John Kyl (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $60,000

Senator Max Baucus (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $453,400

Senator Rob Portman (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $106,801

Senator John Kerry (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $47,588

Senator Pat Toomey (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $265,328

Xavier Becerra (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $382,600

Jeb Hensarling (R) Co-chair - 2011 Committee Contributions $510,550

James Clyburn (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $796,809

Frederick Upton (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $881,750

Chris Van Hollen (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $178,200

David Camp (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $1,372,847

You will notice a theme in political giving with Healthcare really stepping it up for both republican and democratic committee members. Banks and Insurance another common theme along with the many other companies that are in bed with Big Government! On the democratic side you see more unions and on the republican side you see more energy companies. VetTheGov in a previous story discussed how your tax dollars fund most of these political PAC funds and how.

VetTheGov would love to pick winners and losers in the upcoming saved by a committee LAST MINUTE decision but the answer is obvious. Only one LOSER and it's you the taxpayer! Until a balanced budget is passed, politicians stop getting paid, Big government and Public companies get out of bed together, politicians STOP unsustainable promises such as Social Security and Pensions, we will only continue seeing band-aides from the corrupt DC politicians. Something to consider is the monopoly money or best known as FIAT money from the Federal Reserve and why we the taxpayers can't peek inside. If you truly follow the money this would be a great place to focus on! Prod a little with your Senator, Representative, and political party leaders about the Federal Reserve and they will likely group you into the NUTTY crazed TEA party membership.

So how can we stop the madness? Let's start demanding politicians not receive any political contributions from anyone other than voters in their districts! Won't get very far here unless We the People stand together on this one! Let's demand investigations into the Federal Reserve! Vote out the Incumbents like the ones above who know very well the troubles we face but have no spine to change status quo because they are on the take! Stop listening to your party’s reasons that if you just vote more of them in they will finally make the necessary changes needed! Stop buying or using a product or service from these companies giving politically for their own bottom line, not yours!

It is DO or DIE time for our future generations and sitting in idle is not the answer. Step up and get involved even on a local basis and start paying attention to every story in the papers and every vote your local and state governments make! It will shock you at first however the more knowledge you gain the more power you will have in helping fix our Country and getting it back on track to greatness! Please watch the video below to understand once again the corruptness in the political world and understand your elected officials follow their golden rule, It's about me not about you! See the LIST here! Another must watch video from CBS on congress insider trading featuring Nancy Pelosi!


Time for some TEA!

TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY? If you fall into this political thought you are automatically a right wing ultra conservative terrorist tea bagger. At one point the republican party loved you, used you for a vote, and then trashed you! But who are you really? Maybe you are like many who have had enough from a government that has been allowed to grow so large and so powerful and witnessed a two party system merge into one destroying a republic right before our very eyes.

VetTheGov has learned when you want fiscal discipline, you fight fair, and you stand against Big Government and those that worship its alter, get ready for name calling and even harm upon yourself. So why all the hate and vitriol against those who want their governments fiscal house in order? To start, VetTheGov will pick entitlements for votes, a banking cartel gone wild, and Big Government in bed with Big Corporations. Add in TARP, debt ceiling raises of 2.5 Trillion of FIAT money, inflation (another tax on the working class), high unemployment, and you get a majority of the country absolutely fed up with very poor political and fiscal leadership that keep spending and indebting our future generations. Big Government worshippers and politicians on both sides are absolutely frustrated with a movement that obviously is not wanted or needed as it creates a huge obstacle for their agendas.

In Colorado for example, Dick Wadhams former state republican leader, came under contested scrutiny for many of his RINO backings and when called to the carpet he immediately focused his lack of vetting towards the TEA party and called them nuts. Democrats have feared the movement from day one and when name calling gets this good you know the TEA party is on to something. There are too many to use but here is a statement from Maxine Waters with an added opinion that the TEA party are bullies. TEA party get ready to get lumped into the bully legislation right around the corner.

VetTheGov will ask you to join with us sipping on TEA and to stop drinking the red and blue kool-aide! Then and only then does our country and our future generations have any hope to experience the freedoms and blessings of past generations. The time is now to stop the madness all around us and get involved! It may be already too late but serious change can come if We the People stand together and stand strong to get our country back in the right direction.