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Time for some TEA!

TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY? If you fall into this political thought you are automatically a right wing ultra conservative terrorist tea bagger. At one point the republican party loved you, used you for a vote, and then trashed you! But who are you really? Maybe you are like many who have had enough from a government that has been allowed to grow so large and so powerful and witnessed a two party system merge into one destroying a republic right before our very eyes.

VetTheGov has learned when you want fiscal discipline, you fight fair, and you stand against Big Government and those that worship its alter, get ready for name calling and even harm upon yourself. So why all the hate and vitriol against those who want their governments fiscal house in order? To start, VetTheGov will pick entitlements for votes, a banking cartel gone wild, and Big Government in bed with Big Corporations. Add in TARP, debt ceiling raises of 2.5 Trillion of FIAT money, inflation (another tax on the working class), high unemployment, and you get a majority of the country absolutely fed up with very poor political and fiscal leadership that keep spending and indebting our future generations. Big Government worshippers and politicians on both sides are absolutely frustrated with a movement that obviously is not wanted or needed as it creates a huge obstacle for their agendas.

In Colorado for example, Dick Wadhams former state republican leader, came under contested scrutiny for many of his RINO backings and when called to the carpet he immediately focused his lack of vetting towards the TEA party and called them nuts. Democrats have feared the movement from day one and when name calling gets this good you know the TEA party is on to something. There are too many to use but here is a statement from Maxine Waters with an added opinion that the TEA party are bullies. TEA party get ready to get lumped into the bully legislation right around the corner.

VetTheGov will ask you to join with us sipping on TEA and to stop drinking the red and blue kool-aide! Then and only then does our country and our future generations have any hope to experience the freedoms and blessings of past generations. The time is now to stop the madness all around us and get involved! It may be already too late but serious change can come if We the People stand together and stand strong to get our country back in the right direction.