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Breaking Inside Information regarding Laura Bradford Ethics DUI Investigation!!!!!!

On January 25th, 2012 Representative Laura Bradford was pulled over for erratic driving which quickly escalated into a poorly handled DUI by Denver Police. Since then the story has switched over to a huge ethics investigation and many misleading news stories. Here is a little more credible inside information you have not heard in any other media story.

On January 30th, 2012 prior to Bradford's apology she agreed with Leadership to the following:

  • agreed to ethics hearing and investigation
  • agreed to pre-determined punishment (removed from committee was one of these)
  • agreed to get alcohol treatment

Fast forward two days later after the Denver Police apologized for not placing Bradford in cuffs but still failing the roadside sobriety test you get Bradford suddenly going rogue and denying all charges against her. So what did she apologize for to begin with??? Getting caught? Embarrassment for drinking and driving? Invoking legislative privilege by her answers of coming from a legislative drinking function and has to be at another in the morning? Many will disagree with the last question but is important to note because law enforcement always ask this question during a DUI stop! Don't forget the special privilege plate our lawmakers place on their personal vehicles that recognize them as such! So VetTheGov understands how the Denver Police Department could misinterpret Bradford's answer of invoking the privilege. Also don't forget she had to take a cab ride home because she was unfit in the officer's opinion to drive and still there is that lurking gun charge hanging around as well!

Frank McNulty considered resigning from his leadership position in order to keep the Dems from gaining any advantage to push their bills through. One Democrat legislature was so hoping this would happen and was very arrogant in his comment to House Republicans stating that by Bradford defecting would allow the clear passage of every Democrat Bill without any recourse or blocking from Republicans.

The upcoming panel investigating the event will have subpoena powers that will get the information we are all hoping and waiting for!!!

  • DUI roadside sobriety test results from the officer that administered them, although this should already be public information.
  • Bartender and waitress that served the group.
  • Colorado Senator Jean White who was out with Bradford along with her husband Al White who was appointed by Gov. Hickenlooper as Director of Tourism and currently serving this role.
  • Doug Dean Director of Public Utility Commission.
  • More in the drinking club to be determined.
  • The Bar Tab and who paid and how many drinks were consumed and sold.

Just a few items listed and maybe just maybe some surprise information will come to light. There is no doubt Bradford's days are numbered politically as this incident has ruined any chance of getting re-elected and possibly continuing as a legislature! The damage done however will continue for some time as this was the last thing the GOP needed this year. VetTheGov is hoping and praying Bradford chooses help before any more damage can be inflicted on herself or others! 


Time for HD54 Rep. Laura Bradford to go!

The many question marks continue to pile up against House District Representative Laura Bradford and her ability to serve the constituents of the newly designated HD 54. VetTheGov will provide the many examples and reasons to start her desk clearing at the Capitol building.

1. Bradford voted YES for HB10-1365 the infamous government's picking and choosing winnners and losers for the free market of natural gas over coal fired power plants. So what's the bid deal about her vote here? Well she had the audacity to show up at Xcel Energy's Cameo plant in an attempt to keep it open after voting to cause its demise. This is typical of politicians in hoping no one ever remembers past votes! Side note you will notice in the background of the picture in the link provided below Steve King who also voted in favor of the same bill suddenly fighting to save a coal power generation plant. Yes VetTheGov is as perplexed as you are after reading the link.

2. Another controversial bill promoted after many other republicans backed away from it was HB11-1256. Bradford continued sponsorship of the bill even after receiving arguments from Pro-Life group Christian Family Alliance of Colorado

3. Bradford recently made it clear she was more interested on running for local office rather than stay in Denver and legislate.

4. Speaking of expenses it has become clear Bradford loves her contributor acquired AT&T cell phone and spending over 200.00 monthly for this cell phone again with contributions. Another contribution question mark was her all expense paid trip back to DC to attend an ALEC conference. What is interesting to note here is that she covered her expenses out of her campaign contributions yet never returned the money back to the campaign fund. Rep. Bradford where did the money go??? Bradford also receives 120 days of per diem which is an additional $18,000.00 on top of the $30,000.00 for 120 days of legislative work.

5. Bradford has her personal company website Pro Safe Products linked on her representative website which gives the impression of mixing private business with public office.

6. Recent comments about the new district maps and who is to blame which of course was not her!

7. Bradford awarded Legislator of the Year from Housing Colorado. What's interesting is Housing Colorado opposed many bills she actually voted for like Ray Scott's tiered rate plan. Makes VetTheGov wonder how you can vote against most of Housing Colorado opposed bills yet receive the award????? 2012 will be a year to watch especially on the affordable housing front and the lobbying pressure from this group towards Bradford's committee position.

8. GOP 2012 State resolution against Obamacare/Amycare: The resolution, which carries no force of law, passed largely on a party-line vote. Only one Republican, Rep. Laura Bradford, R-Collbran, voted against it, but she said later that was by mistake. This sums it all up!

It is time for a new face to represent We the People in Denver instead of someone who has taken advantage of the system and really doesn't want to be there any longer! Stay tuned as hopefully we will see a primary race for HD54!