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President Obama's Climate Change Agenda ushered into Mesa County through FEMA Grant!

In one of the most outrageous yes votes to date by Mesa County Commissioners happened during the February 8, 2016 County Administration Hearing regarding a $2.1 Million FEMA grant. In essence the so called republican conservative Commissioners prostituted Mesa County citizens with President Obama's Climate Change Agenda, the United Nations Climate Agenda, and ICLEI's Climate adaptation and resilience agenda. The vote also proves how local elected's cater to the Washington D.C. psychopaths and criminals along with all the environmental extremist! Mesa County and the western slope kiss your energy economy goodbye! Watch Video below:

In 2002 the below report was drafted for the Colorado Water Board, local governments, and citizens of Mesa County. On page 21 you can read the Recommended Plan and on page 24 it was recommended that the Bureau of Reclamation be contacted to assist in funding of the recommended plan. The recommended plan was valued at $422,000 yet now the non-recommended and most expensive plan being adopted at $2.8 Million.

In the below 2007 report you will read in the very first paragraph that the driver in the incident May have lost control due to hydroplaning causing the drowning death. If you look closely at the pictures of the culvert the high water mark was never reached. No Federal Disaster declared as property damage estimated at $25,000 from this event. You can see here that rainfall amounts since 1962 show the 2006 largest 24-hour rainfall amount was only ranked 16 highest out of the 54 years listed. So why the urgency to sell out to the Feds?

In the Mesa County Hazard Mitigation plan which was born by Resolution last year in order to obtain this grant, it mentions on page 44 the total flood insurance claims for Mesa County since 1978 has only seen 33 claims for a total of $250,652 or $6600 annually. On page 103 of the plan you will notice the Bosley Wash is only rated at a medium in the matrix of critical projects but nothing noted as far as how many structures this project will protect as noted in the other medium level projects. Also notice the 5-2-1 Drainage Authority is the Responsible Agency but during the grant hearings and project details there was not one word from this authority!

Here is the link for the City of Grand Junction Hazard Mitigation plan with all the meeting notes and resolutions pertaining to the FEMA requirements.

Below is the Mesa County Resolution adopted June 8th, 2015 so the fix was already in to push forward for more Federal money. The County Resolution even has Federal Regulation law written in it. Here is the FEMA guide required to meet 44 CFR 201.6. This was a yes vote all along!

Below are the Federal Mandates and notice #12 Mesa County MUST follow all FEMA regulations.

So what are the FEMA regulations? Well here they are as noted in the following guidelines from FEMA:

FEMA is committed to promoting resilience as expressed in PPD-8: National Preparedness; the President’s State, Local, and Tribal Leaders Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience; the Administrator’s 2011 FEMA Climate Change Adaptation Policy Statement (Administrator Policy 2011-OPPA-01); and the 2014–2018 FEMA Strategic Plan.

Strengthen Federalism -

Environmental Justice -

All of the above links fit President Obama and the UN Climate Change Agenda of Mother Nature gone Terrorist! Watch as Trillions of your hard earned money is prostituted to pay for more Fraud & Corruption to very close friends on the inside! But as Commissioner McInnis advised you couldn't build your business or be employed without the Interstates, the Hospitals, the Airports, and the Internet, because government built it for you and therefore built your business or the company you work for! Commissioner McInnis proves in his defense of Federal dollars that Mesa County is owned and operated by the Feds. Now please bow down and worship the alter of the golden calf in Washington D.C. for without Big Nanny you couldn't be a SLAVE! Please don't forget on April 15th your taxes aren't considered building anything because only government produces in the USA! All Praise, honor, and glory go to the almighty savior government who without their awesome contribution to society you would be and could be nothing.



Retired and giving politically to save their Social Security & Medicare benefits that resemble Ponzi Schemes!

When discussing federal elections and state elections did you know that Retired individuals give more money to political candidates than any other industry? In the 2008 election cycle Retirees contributed almost $279 Million to federal level candidates and PAC's. This money has slightly favored republicans but not by much. We keep hearing the word REFORM when we discuss Social Security, Medicare, and Pensions but with so much money being dumped into the federal election cycle can we expect changes anytime soon? Will the politicians that accept and go after these donations and answer the questions from retirees about saving their entitlements actually renege on their promises to not touch the locked box?

VetTheGov looked into a recent 2010 election cycle for Colorado District 3 House race between incumbent John Salazar and challenger Scott Tipton. The winner Scott Tipton received $154,183.00 from retired individuals while John Salazar received $45,119.00. However over Salazar's entire CD-3 career received $215,692.00 from retirees. Here is where issues get sticky for politicians and headline media reporting. Look at this article during the Salazar/Tipton race and watch how each side plays the game. Both sides know how emotional a debate entitlements are especially when Seniors are involved and knowing they contribute heavily to protect unsustainable government promises from years ago. Campaigns are filled with the dreaded questions about privatizing Social Security all the way to what are you going to do to protect a government promise.

After 75 years here is President Obama's proclamation to those waiting for or soon to receive their Social Security checks. See the President's agenda in regards to Social Security & Medicare. It's an absolute shame to see how our government has created so much dependency upon itself that no one has even realized what happened other than the needed correction bailouts. This trend continues forward with the youth in America under the mask of At-Risk school breakfast and lunch programs that here in Mesa County accounts for almost half of current students enrolled not to mention all the other giveaways and redistribution models in place locally.

What's at stake? Well for the Retired individuals it's about getting back what they paid in and were promised, and for the politicians its about promising to keep an unsustainable program in place for votes, money, and political party power. What about the current workforce and future generations? Well let's just say it doesn't look pleasant! Our kids, grandkids, and great grandkids are going to pay into a scheme that will never pay anything back. Future generations have over $14 Trillion of government debt that is insurmountable to overcome with another $2 Trillion or more once congress agrees to raise the debt ceiling. Retirees have been promised and the government knows if they break their promises there will be hell to pay so they just continue forward and hope something changes like a major plague or end times. Want to have an interesting discussion? Bring up privatizing Social Security with Seniors or entitlements altogether! Watch the venom spew if you mention the word REFORM and the fact that they might never see the money they paid in. Ponzi scheme 101!

Wake up call! Nothing the government promises now or in the future will change the current course. Please don't worry because our government always has your best interest at heart and it's ready to meet your every need. Keep enjoying all the smoke and mirrors from both parties as they lead us down the highway to hell, higher taxes, and living your life day to day under government control because no one has the guts to do what is necessary and talk is cheap! VetTheGov hopes you understand the consequences of out of control spending and the results by such behavior. The video below is a much watch! Thanks for tuning in!