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Dan NOT the Man for CO HD55!

Upon first looking into Democrat candidate Dan Robinson, his resume reads picture perfect.  However upon closer examination of this local ambulance chaser attorney, the picture begins to read of a man creating victims in society by playing the Special Interest card!  From his LaRaza loving to the Gay & Lesbian affair in the school system to free legal services for illegal aliens and the so called poor, Dan quickly shows his true colors.  These colors represent a man who thinks only through Big Government ideas can Social Justice be played out.  These ideas come at a huge cost to society through higher taxes and more racial divide then we have ever seen because Social Justice can only happen if you create victims.   

One of Dan's biggest victim's are illegal aliens.  Dan offers (denies the allegation) pro bono legal services to these individuals and even tells them how to speak to police if and when they encounter them.  It's no wonder Dan denied he does this in front of the voters at the Club 20 debates because it is a Felony to Harbor illegal aliens.  Another interesting note is that Dan actually convinced a group of his illegal alien clients to share their concerns at the Mesa County courthouse. Here is the exact writings from the 2011 Colorado Access to Justice Commission report made by local defense attorney and JD21 ATJ representative Leslie Castro:

"Dan Robinson, local attorney who does a lot of pro bono work with undocumented immigrants, convinced a handful of his clients to come to the COURTHOUSE to talk to the ATJ group about the problems they face. (What do I do if I get pulled over? Etc.) This meeting was followed up with a meeting with local law enforcement to discuss these issues."

Dan wanted added to a School District business meeting regarding illegal aliens and remember voters you pay for these services!


August 22, 2006, Business Meeting Adopted

Dan Robinson asked the minutes be amended to reflect a key-point from the discussion regarding services for immigrant children, by adding the following statement: The Mesa County Health Department encourages and invites anyone, regardless of their immigration status, to have immunizations for their children at the Health Department

Dan's support for La Raza became public information from this school board meeting

"Leslie Kiesler acknowledged this conference as very worthwhile for students, and noted that Dan Robinson is highly supportive of LaRaza and the staff who sponsor this annual conference."

Dan in his run for County Commissioner back in 2008 gave this statement on Gun Control.

Dan Robinson, a candidate for county commissioner, suggested that technology circumscribes our rights. "Plastic guns cannot be identified in metal detectors and should be controlled," he said. Setting aside the fact that no such gun exists, we wonder if Robinson would extend his argument about technology to the First Amendment. Should we restrict freedom of the press because we now have electricity and the internet?

Dan's recent endorsement from One Colorado another progressive Special Interest group representing the Gay & Lesbian agenda!

Here is Dan stumping for Obama in 2008! Clearly shows Dan is a typical progressive with no new ideas, just old retreads of class warfare and victim hood!

Dan thinks Obamacare is a good law and wants to capitalize on Federal funding for Medicaid. Also wants to revisit TABOR and severance tax rates!  Visit his answers here the League of Women Voters Q & A.  

The evidence is crystal clear on why Dan is NOT the man for CO HD55.  Dan is another leftist progressive liberal that will do everything in their power to bankrupt not only our local economy and State but circumvent the Constitution for his quest of a Social Justice Socialism Utopia!


How to buy and influence Colorado GOP legislators for Obamacare State Health Exchanges!  

VetTheGov in a previous story explained how Colorado Medical Society influences legislation. What you may not know is that the previous story ended with passage of SB11-200 with a majority GOP House. How does legislation that allows government interference in health care pass under the ever so Limited Government GOP commitment? As you have heard the TEA party flavor has already worn itself out with certain factions of the GOP that wanted the votes but not the accountability.

Why focus on the GOP? Easy answer! The Democratic Party never offers a limited government platform so any legislation that grows government is an automatic YES vote for them. VetTheGov must note that one Democrat actually voted NO on SB11-200 John Soper from HD 34 Thornton even though he received $2,300.00 from CMS. Wonder if he missed the YES vote button?

VetTheGov must note all 15 GOP Senators voted NO!

VetTheGov discovered the vote tallies not under the actual bill on Colorado's General Assembly website, but under another bill HB11-1014. Here is the information VetTheGov has been waiting for to determine which GOP house members voted for SB11-200. 

Here are the GOP House members that voted for SB11-200 and the amount of money they received from CMS:

Kathleen Conti-None; Don Coram-$400.00; Cheri Gerou-$1,400.00; James Kerr-None; Larry Liston-$1,200.00; Tom Massey-$1,200.00; Frank McNulty-$500.00; Carole Murray-$2,200.00; Kevin Priola-$915.00; Robert Ramirez-None; Amy Stephens-$1,300.00; Ken Summers-$800.00; Spencer Swalm-$1,600.00. 

CMS has donated $11,515.00 to the above GOP candidates and all but three have accepted these donations from an organization that is pushing the Affordable Care Act here in Colorado. VetTheGov searched the Secretary of State's website and found the three non-CMS recipients had other health care related donations to their campaign committees. 

VetTheGov thinks the $30K salary is much needed these days so they vote for more votes!

Are they representing YOU or special interest? Are they representing YOU or BIG Government? Hard to tell these days but I bet somewhere in their campaign speeches they were cozy with the TEA party crowd. Since nothing was accomplished for job creation, the last fight for the GOP became maps in which the courts will now decide. We the People will wish we had Cleared the Bench! The People definitely need to continue to clear the GOP legislators to ones that actually represent Limited Government. Could prove difficult with Ryan Call and his 51% republican candidates we will soon begin to see. 

Speaking of maps, VetTheGov noticed percentage breakdowns of how they try to equalize and protect districts and the main percentage that stood out was the Independents. If there was traction within a third party the time may be upon Independents to make a stance within one of these groups. In almost every map, percentages of Independents were averaging between 30-40% in every district. 

VetTheGov wonders why the rush for SB11-200? It wouldn't need to be in place until 2014. Where are the GOP strategist that could of allowed the democrats to hang themselves out there on this legislation? Why not let Gov. Hickenlooper sign an executive order for health exchanges? Why not wait to try and gain more GOP Senate seats? Too many questions and of course more smoke and mirrors out of the GOP. The famous GOP line is get involved and make changes but when you try you are given the get back in line and stop dividing the GOP speech!

The ultimate concern regarding government run health care is that there will no doubt be increased cost because when have you ever seen a government run anything that actually makes money or saves money? If you follow the money in health care, BIG Government has become too big to fail!