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Colorado House Bill 11-1223 and the push back against the Earth Justice Agenda!

What Agenda? Oh yes there is a huge push to indoctrinate our society with the Global Warming save Mother Earth campaign. It was subtle until we heard Al Gore screaming we will die in 10 years if we didn't do something. Then Governor Ritter gets elected and Colorado gets Green, Progressive, and highly regulated! Now Ted Turner has spoken up and is carrying the load for Al Gore.

One of the theories when considering regulations are green house gases like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). CO2 and VOC's actually come from Mother Earth. VetTheGov is not here to debate science but just wants to bring the fact that Mother Earth is the largest producer of pollution on the entire planet. How? Volcano's, Forest Fires, and Wind Storms all place enormous amounts of CO2, VOC's, Mercury, Benzene, and Particulate into the atmosphere but you won't hear that in the mainstream media. All you need are a bunch of tornados, large hurricanes, flooding, Tsunamis, or earthquakes and the media along with the Mother Earth Justice folks take over and they will certainly link it all back to the evil United States that allows all this pollution. VetTheGov loves this link that dispels Global Warming as a hoax. One more of interest called I Love CO2!

In Grand Junction we had a very thriving Oil & Gas economy until Gov. Ritter was elected and completely changed the Oil & Gas Conservation Committee (COGCC) by adding TreeHuggers to the committee with absolutely no idea of how to drill any kind of well. Guess what happened next? Colorado went from number one in the world for drilling natural gas to last. Grand Junction also sustained huge unemployment numbers and actually led the nation at certain points. Now Colorado is listed as an unfriendly state for Oil & Gas investment going from first in the world to 81st practically overnight. 

"Sudden changes in royalties or environmental regulations have resulted in Colorado and Alaska losing favor within the petroleum industry, although regulators in both states have since taken steps to improve the situation. Colorado is improving its reputation among industry executives, but the state still has a long way to go. In 2007, it was ranked No. 1 in the world, but environmental regulations introduced since then continue to discourage investors," from Fraser Institute Survey.

During committee hearings, Earth Justice, Sierra Club, and many other environmental groups converged into the small room to discourage the republican committee members on Representative Ray Scott's HB11-1223 since most democrats typically vote and want more regulation. So how do you push your agenda? Scare tactics and legal challenges and they have perfected these without much resistance. These groups must demonize for-profit companies and vilify their drilling and operation procedures. Then the horrible word Global Warming gets mentioned and everybody believes a headline so here we are with NO jobs and NO money.

The VOC challenge weakened since the temperatures cooled and now the enviro's went after hydraulic fracturing fluids and even have a brand new website to educate and scare the masses. Just look here at all the BAD chemicals used in fracing? Regarding the COGCC, VetTheGov must note in their new regulation package, one of the main themes was regulating VOC's which added 30-40% additional drilling cost to Oil & Gas companies. The media and government will have you believe it was related to low natural gas prices.

HB11-1223 legislates the COGCC back to the original pre-Ritter days and removes the Treehuggers and adds professional educated and informed individuals that know the industry, procedures, and current technical information of drilling operations. Here is a list of the current COGCC members and their Bio's. VetTheGov will give a brief overview if they believe in Global Warming or not.

Richard D. Alward ecologist believes and teaches Global Warming. Shouldn't he have placed this on his conflict of interest paperwork?

Mark Cutright PE has several Oil & Gas ties as disclosed here along with a 27+ year career in the industry. No information found regarding stance on Global Warming.

Tom Compton Rancher and Biologist. Served on 116 panel Colorado Climate Project regarding climate change aka Global Warming. See his disclosure here. No mention in disclosure of him being involved with the Climate Project!

Michael Dowling is current chair of Colorado Land Trust. Here is Michael's disclosure listed is his role with Environmental Defense Fund that promotes Global Warming Agenda and his work with the Colorado Climate Project.

Joshua Epel recently appointed by Gov. Hickenlooper to Colorado Public Utility Commission most noted work on Global Warming was in New Mexico on their Climate Change advisory board.

Mike King currently Executive Director of Colorado Department of Natural Resources. No disclosure found on global warming stance but position and experience leans green.

Dr. Chris Urbina currently serving as Colorado's Director of Public Health & Environment. Here is an interesting article in a recent exchange of Dr. Urbina's stance on Global Warming.

DeAnn Craig PE based on credentials has the most Oil & Gas experience on the board. Here is her perspective on the Kyoto Protocol and Global Warming scare tactics.

You can now clearly see the agenda unfold before your very eyes and why Representative Ray Scott's bill is needed in order to bring out of control government under reign by removing Treehuggers and government rubber stamp votes and adding back in experienced industry professionals. Colorado needs Common Sense back into law making and regulatory oversight which ultimately will lead Colorado back into the top spot for Oil & Gas investment and a much needed boost in job creation.