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A telling conversation between Town of Palisade Administrator and concerned citizen regarding marijuana outdoor grow in Peach Town!

Town of Palisade administrator Rich Sales admits several times in the recorded conversation included below that he makes no decisions for the town only offers arguments for the town trustees. Yet when asked what arguments he made to the town trustees against the marijuana outdoor growing Rich Sales suddenly can't remember these against arguments. The telling part in the audio conversation is Rich Sales defends Rich Sales and his $91K salary plus 25-30% benefit package as he let's his professionally paid staff run wild with what seems zero accountability. 

One of the for arguments surely was the expected $80K+ revenue from medicinal retail sales along with an additional $200K from recreational sales. However through CORA request made to the town the $5.00 per transaction fee shows disappointing and declining revenues. 2012 transaction collections from Colorado Alternative Healthcare were $56,055; 2013 collections were $50,920; and 2014 dropped to $49,950 which equivalents to approx. 27 transactions per day. It's no wonder massage therapy and marijuana are mixed together in Palisade. VetTheGov can only imagine how these two therapies mix. Based on transaction fees paid it's not a happy ending!

As progressive salaries and benefits rise and no cuts from within, the $200K+ revenue from retail operations would be a windfall bonus maker for the town employees and surely would keep Rich Sales paycheck from bouncing. Apparently the town mayor and the rest of the trustees want the HIGH rollers legal and illegal hanging out in Peach Town. Enjoy the progressive conversation!