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Gay & Lesbian Fund sponsors Highline Hustle Race

On March 10th, 2011 the Grand Junction Parks & Rec dept. listed on their website here regarding the annual Highline Hustle triathlon. What you won't see there today is the 2011 event sponsor Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado logo. The logo was removed in short notice after phone calls placed to the GJ Parks office. You can see original placement of logo here as VetTheGov saved a copy for you to review.

If you are not privy as to who is behind the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado it is none other than activist Tim Gill and operates under the Gill Foundation.  The Gill Foundation is valued at over $200 million and in 2009 alone gave over $10 million to social justice and progressive thought organizations. See 2009 990 IRS filing here.

VetTheGov spoke with the parks department as to why the logo was removed and if there is continued support from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado. The Parks & Rec. dept. stated they received a $1,000.00 grant from the organization and renegotiated the logo sponsoring rights and ability to distribute material at the event. The $1,000.00 will now be used for prizes and the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado will have no representation at the event and no logo rights. Please see Grant funding guidelines from the Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado.

VetTheGov also spoke with the Gay & Lesbian Fund and they have a great presence on the front range and looking to expand further outside of the front range which is why this event excited them. They are not sure if they will attend the event.

VetTheGov would love to hear your thoughts if local governments should receive grants from organizations such as the Gill Foundation.