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Time for some TEA!

TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY? If you fall into this political thought you are automatically a right wing ultra conservative terrorist tea bagger. At one point the republican party loved you, used you for a vote, and then trashed you! But who are you really? Maybe you are like many who have had enough from a government that has been allowed to grow so large and so powerful and witnessed a two party system merge into one destroying a republic right before our very eyes.

VetTheGov has learned when you want fiscal discipline, you fight fair, and you stand against Big Government and those that worship its alter, get ready for name calling and even harm upon yourself. So why all the hate and vitriol against those who want their governments fiscal house in order? To start, VetTheGov will pick entitlements for votes, a banking cartel gone wild, and Big Government in bed with Big Corporations. Add in TARP, debt ceiling raises of 2.5 Trillion of FIAT money, inflation (another tax on the working class), high unemployment, and you get a majority of the country absolutely fed up with very poor political and fiscal leadership that keep spending and indebting our future generations. Big Government worshippers and politicians on both sides are absolutely frustrated with a movement that obviously is not wanted or needed as it creates a huge obstacle for their agendas.

In Colorado for example, Dick Wadhams former state republican leader, came under contested scrutiny for many of his RINO backings and when called to the carpet he immediately focused his lack of vetting towards the TEA party and called them nuts. Democrats have feared the movement from day one and when name calling gets this good you know the TEA party is on to something. There are too many to use but here is a statement from Maxine Waters with an added opinion that the TEA party are bullies. TEA party get ready to get lumped into the bully legislation right around the corner.

VetTheGov will ask you to join with us sipping on TEA and to stop drinking the red and blue kool-aide! Then and only then does our country and our future generations have any hope to experience the freedoms and blessings of past generations. The time is now to stop the madness all around us and get involved! It may be already too late but serious change can come if We the People stand together and stand strong to get our country back in the right direction.


Colorado SB11-200, the 10th Amendment, and the Fed Sugar Daddy!

VetTheGov has been following Colorado Senate Bill 11-200 which will finalize the Exchange portion of the Affordable Care Act. There are many paying close attention to this particular bill and they are emailing Senators and Representatives to either support the bill or asking for a "NO" vote. Unfortunately VetTheGov is certain the Bill if not passed in the House will undoubtedly get enacted with an executive order from Governor Hickenlooper. This is a WIN for Progressives and the Social & Health Justice movement and they know it!

The main reason is MONEY from the Federal Government! is reporting that Colorado has received $76.9 Million Federal dollars for the implementation of the Act. They surely are leaving out the additional $90 Million Grant that Rocky Mountain Health Plans received for setting up a bridge for High Risk Pool clients called So with the amount of Federal Grant money getting thrown into Colorado, how can they ever escape from the Federal Sugar Daddy? The 10th amendment right? Surely this could be a plan if the Colorado GOP actually had an idea what the 10th amendment means in regards to Limited Government posted on their website. Sure! Try and find this concept on the Colorado GOP website since VetTheGov had a difficult time locating anything that represents limited or small government on it. The GOP slogan may need to be changed to limited Freedom as it more reflects the party these days. Since Colorado has received the Grant for exchanges, they are now beholden to the Feds current and FUTURE requirements for this exchange and the endless Grant MONEY that follows. Reading is believing so read here!

So who pays? This is no doubt another redistribution scheme for votes, power, and government control all in the name of FAIRNESS! Look at all the program grants line by line that tells you how to live, how to eat, what to eat, how to exercise, and without a doubt there will be no other treatments available for you if you fail to follow the government health prescription! So if you are overweight, old, cancerous, diseased, and so on, the government now has the power to use the story line of ,Sorry, there is nothing else we can do for you except place you in Hospice and make your death comfortable as possible simply because it will cost too much to keep you alive. Cookie Cutter healthcare, only the strong shall survive!

Instead of Limited government conservative republican Representatives standing firm against the Federal Sugar Daddy, they suddenly find themselves in the middle of two opposing bills, for example, House Majority Leader Amy Stephens. Amy Stephens endorsed Bills on both sides of the issue and has played the media smokescreen game since most voters have no clue what's going on. Most voters just consider this normal of politicians who change from their political campaigning words into Chameleons. VetTheGov will call this compassionate moderate syndrome (CMS) since RINO is losing it's flavor among the GOP yet still very applicable here. POSER and Flip Flopper could also work! Stay tuned for follow up story as we will soon see who will stick their necks out from the republican side and back Amy's Exchange Bill! 

Amy Stephens is co-sponsor of Senate Bill 11-200 and also of House Bill 11-1273. SB11-200 sets the stage and final pillar for Obama's Affordable Care Act while HB11-1273 is a compact that would need Federal Government approval regardless if it even gets approved here in Colorado which it won't. Remember Colorado did accept the One Million Dollars from the Feds to implement the program so there's no turning back right? Surely SB11-200 is going to pass as Amy stated it has the votes to pass. So why would you support two opposing Bills? It's called short term voter memory and 24-hour news cycles that wipe away bad press. It also means you can appease your constituents by offering bills for votes and money knowing full well which one will pass and which one won't and have an escape plan for either one. The Senate had a free pass on this one since they are in the minority so it made a NO vote easy and thus places pressure back on the House.

No worries as the GOP machine will finally rise to the occasion after the Bill passes to protect Amy since they are too busy to react now due to working on Lincoln Day dinners. The Colorado GOP is desperate for money so they must stay focused for now. Damage control has taken a back seat although Wadhams took his shots at the crazed right wingers and tea party folks before he left so it should be an easy fix for Amy. Let's see if Ryan Call can get from behind the redistricting maps to exonerate the YES GOP votes on SB11-200. The Colorado GOP damage control machine also encourages defeat of your First Amendment rights since they can't handle accountability especially from the annoying tea party crowd!

Please visit Governor Hick's/RitterCare/AmyCare/ObamaCare implementation plan and see for yourself the actual dollars and timeline for every Grant dollar received. Please visit the Exchange site and learn more about Joan Henneberry who has been charged with implementing COHIEX. If you download Joan's powerpoint presentation you will notice on page 10 that one of its core functional areas is enabling SB11-200! Stay up to speed on her milestones reached for the Exchange and all related documents. 

Don't forget to track votes from Representatives that have received campaign monies from Colorado Medical Society! Scroll to the bottom of the provided link and you will see some familiar names. This Bill will get pushed to the final week and maybe even a late Friday night vote so the news comes out on a Saturday when nobody will be listening.

Remember when you follow the money within the government it only leads to less freedom for you and more revenue to the State from the Federal Sugar Daddy! The days of representative government have come to a close because it is full of sell outs for cash! Don't forget about the 10th Amendment as you will hear it in the next campaign speech just around the corner!