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UPDATE: County Commissioner Justman Admits to never opening Email, Mesa County DHS caught in Cover Up, and County Internal Investigations Galore

VetTheGov broke this story regarding Commissioner John Justman not answering an email complaint regarding a Mesa County employee. After publishing the email in question Commissioner Justman actually responded to VetTheGov via email shown below admitting to never even opening the email:

Over the week end I received a copy of the email you sent out. I did not read that email from November 17th. That is my fault, but I never read that email.

After reading the email Sunday, other than Wade knows me, why would they not call the sheriff. 
If I had read this email, I would have contacted people with in the County to look into it.
There is movement within the County organization right now to find out what really has taken place.

Thanks John for the honesty here.  I agree they should have called the sheriff but in fact they did as noted in the email but didn't get much results as to why they then  reached out to you.  They didn't know where else to go since Pete works within the inside system.

I have reached out to Sheriff Lewis and has opened an internal investigation as well.  I am prayerful the family gets answers.
Thanks for the update.

I know that Matt Lewis is working on this issue, as well as Pete Bair, who is over road and bridge department. I really don't want to comment more until I find out real information on what did or did not happen. I believe you will understand my position at this moment in time.

Hopefully Commissioner Justman will now begin opening his emails especially ones that are labeled County Employee Complaint!

As soon as the VetTheGov's story hit the internet waves, CORA request were underway into the many streams of this intriguing inside look of how Mesa County government works. One of the interesting email conversations obtained through CORA request of why Mesa County DHS decided to drive all the way down to Paonia to interrogate three young children has created quite the controversy between County Commissioners and DHS leaders in Delta and Mesa County. VetTheGov would like to know what was said in the cellphone "Blindside" conversation between Delta County DHS Manager Chuck Lemoine and Mesa County Manager Tracey Garcher.  See the email string below:

Several internal investigations have begun but the most disturbing of all of these is the way Mesa County DHS operates and conversations of supposed qualified professionals who go out and interrogate kids in our local community is shameful to say the least! Using private cell phones the following conversations of going outside jurisdiction and the CYA that has begun are included below:

VetTheGov will keep you updated as there is so much more including false reporting, reopened case reports, no emails on file, additional phone records, the fact that no field notes or audio or video documentation of child interrogations were obtained, child interrogation reports not indicative of what actually took place, the releasing of the confidential callers names (misdeameanor crime), and several emails of discussions for the addition of information be added to a reopened case report by top level DHS employees well after the case was closed on 12/23/2015.