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Breaking: Q & A with GJPD Chief Camper & MCSO Sheriff Lewis regarding Federal Overreach

VetTheGov was invited to attend a meeting put together by former sheriff candidate Mike Harlow on June 10, 2015 at 1PM with Grand Junction Police Chief Camper and Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis. VetTheGov asked permission to record the interview and it was agreed to by Chief Camper and Sheriff Lewis. With permission by Mike Harlow I have included his transcript from the interview along with the questions and answers received by both law enforcement leaders in Mesa County and the actual voice recording of the interview.


Under Achievers;

Some of you Mesa County types may recall my recommending that SOMEONE should call the Chief of Grand Junction PD and the Mesa County Sheriff and arrange a meeting to learn who's side they would take not if but WHEN the excrement hits the rotary air impeller. Well I noticed how nobody got it done, so I did it myself fully expecting to be snubbed. Well, first I went to the PD unannounced and Chief John Camper saw me. I expressed concerns and told him of a similar meeting with Sheriff Hilkey 3 years ago. I asked the Chief the same question I asked Hilkey which was if given an order to collect guns in Mesa County would you follow such an order? Both Hilkey (three years ago) and Chief Camper (one month ago) answered, absolutely not. A lot of water went over the dam since then with much new political news not the least of which was Jade Helm so I put out the word I'd like another meeting with both the Chief and the new Sheriff, Matt Lewis. It happened one hour ago. Myself, Jim Hass (JJ), Carolyn Patton (TEA PARTY PRES.) Newsman, Kevin King and Lynn Hoff attended the meeting at the GJPD. I had 25 prepared questions for them. I first read a prepared page relating new and urgent Points Of Concern so they'd know why I was asking such serious questions. Below, I'll add the Points Of Concern letter and the questions asked with the scores of both the Chief and the Sheriff for you perusal.

Points Of Concern

Obama was Endorsed By the National Association Of Police Organizations in 2012. Also in the 2012 election, votes were counted by international criminal, George Soros. While running for president, Senator Obama announced the need for an “internal Security Force” as well equipped and well funded as the military. In an emergency which only he can declare, Obama can implement martial law, seize all the water, food, fuel, farm produce, factory produce, electricity. He can shut off the internet, telephones, TV, transportation and radio. He can conscript anyone for any job. He can without probable cause, arrest anyone and lock them up indefinitely without a trial, by simply calling them a terrorist. With Obama's sanction, Eric Holder orchestrated operation Fast & Furious where 2500 combat rifles were purchased with American taxes and walked strait to murdering drug cartels in Mexico. With these weapons, three thousand murders resulted to include Border Patrol Agent Bryan Terry. The idea was to blame the carnage on lax U.S. gun laws with the object being “Gun Control” which is a code word for people control. Obamacare is “extortion” complete with punishment for not buying something against your will. He said; If you like your doctor, keep him. If you like your healthcare plan, keep it. BLM stands for Bureau of Land Management. They are managers. They OWN nothing. Not one square inch of land anywhere. They are denying the public, access to the public lands. They are routinely calling these public lands BLM lands. I watched it happen during the trial of David Justice and no, I don't support him. BLM herded cattle with helicopters killing several. BLM pointed loaded guns at peaceful protesters and threatened to blow them away. When citizen guns were pointed back at them, they made a strategic advance to the rear in the “Interest Of Safety” (their own). This was done when they realized they weren't taking candy from a baby. For the record, the Bundy Ranch Incident was the second time in U.S. history where the second amendment was used as a last resort check on an out of control government. The first utilization was at the “Battle Of Athens”. It was in Tennessee just after WWII. They made a movie about it. The Bundy Ranch was diffused not because of anything done by BLM. It was diffused by armed militias who displayed incredible restraint. Of course militias have been painted by left wing propaganda as being out of control loose cannons owning “too many guns”. The current favorite term used to categorize anyone disagreeing with the commucrats, is of course “Right Wing Extremist”. Nowadays one need not be a commucrat to use this term. You may also call yourself a “Progressive”. Webster backs me up when I point this out to be a sugar coated euphemism for communist. When Obama was ordered by a judge to produce his American birth certificate, the only thing produced was a certified forgery made on an ink jet printer. This president has on numerous occasions given cash and weapons to enemies. This is treason. He has a long record of protecting Muslims. He tells us not to jump to conclusions about Muslim terrorists on American soil killing Americans after he jumped to a conclusion about the police reacting stupidly in the case of his pal the college professor. This list of Points Of Concern is by no means a complete list but it sure points to someone in the white House as being a criminal; fraud, hypocrite, traitor, serial liar and racist. He's getting a free ride because one of his parents was black. Anyone who disagrees with him is painted as a racist by the Obamabots in the media.

I'm not here to lead the charge over the white house fence. That's a job for the congress, supreme court and Joint Chiefs. The combined testosterone of this triad would not fill a thimble but hope springs eternal. It's my belief that the greatest hope we have of getting rid of this guy and saving this republic from a communist take over, lies with the Constitutional Sheriffs. It started here in Colorado. It then spread to Utah and is now going national. God Bless them for they refuse to enforce unconstitutional laws. They point out that they don't work for the federal government. They work for the people who elected them, us. This is not the case with any of the federal cop shops. Virtually all of them fall under DHS and frankly, that is scary. The feds to include the over rated FBI, are routinely violating the very document they swore an oath to protect. I'm not reporting something I heard or read. I witnessed it when I was a cop. When I pointed to their actions as raping the constitution, it just resulted in a smirk and the following comment: Don't sweat it Harlow. We're not raping the constitution. We're just giving her what she secretly wants. Janet Napolitano announced Janet Reno's findings through FBI 'that patriots would now be reclassified as the most likely group to go rogue and commit acts of terrorism against their own country. Having a flag outside your house, taking the bible too seriously, having too many guns, wearing NRA hats, being a veteran, a catholic, an evangelical or a “RETIRED COP” made you a likely candidate to become a terrorist. I suggest you never retire, lest you join me on the “Red List”. Napolitano was asked why the billions of rounds were being purchased? She casually answered they were expecting a revolution. This was the first time I heard the word revolution uttered in reference to our present situation and it wasn't by the “extreme right wing” but by the extreme left wing who are conducting a communist take over of this country. FEMA camps exist and can be found all over the country. These points do not sound like a government of, by and for the people. It sounds more like a government of, by and for the government. It does NOT sound like a symbiotic relationship between the government and the governed. Predictably, our concern is at a high level, so of course questions are in order. Some are my own. Some were submitted by others. I asked one of them of Stan Hilkey years ago and recently of Chief John Camper. There is a very real fear that one day soon, the ruler will announce yet another executive order that “IN THE INTEREST OF SAFETY”, guns will now be confiscated. Some one will get this assignment. It may be any agency under DHS or it may fall to local cops. YES or NO answers are required followed by short explanations at your option. We realize these are tough questions and hope you realize they are justified by the Points Of Concern I just read to you. At the top of the question list is;

1. If ordered to confiscate guns (in violation of the Constitution which you swore an oath to defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic), will you obey such an order? YES or NO? (Chief-NO....Sheriff-NO) good

2. If ordered to assist federal cops, troops, foreign troops or the UN to enforce this criminal act, will you assist? YES or NO? (Chief-NO....Sheriff-NO)good

3. If ordered to step aside or stand down so the order can be implemented, will you step aside or stand down? YES or NO? (Chief-NO....Sheriff_NO)Good

4. Our former sheriff is the new head of the State Patrol, CBI and (Colorado)DHS. He dropped his participation in the law suit against our governor for this appointment. His job conflicts with itself as he is both a federal agent and a state officer. In the event of his arriving here to take over, will you step aside or stand down? YES or NO? (Chief-NO....Sheriff-NO)good

5. If a BLM standoff similar to the Bundy Ranch happens, (access to PUBLIC lands) will you order BLM to stand down? YES or NO? Chief-NO....Sheriff-NO) The sheriff said he would never let it come to a standoff.good enough

6. Will you keep the public lands in Mesa County open to the public?

YES or NO? (Chief-N/A....Sheriff-Probably not-Evasive) bad

7. Free Speech Zones are getting popular amongst the feds. As no such thing exists in the first amendment, will you tear down such insults to freedom?YES or NO? Chief-Sheriff both claimed no knowledge of it until I told them of the presidents visit and the Tea Party being restricted to a free speech zone where they were neither seen nor heard. Both claimed security concerns. I explained calling it a free speech zone was false and it was in fact a gag on free speech....we moved on. bad

8. Do you agree that a free speech zone is where we're standing at the time?
YES or NO? (Chief-YES!...Sheriff-YES!) It conflicts with the first answer.....does it not?good

9. Another concern of confiscation is stored food. The feds are tossing about a new catch phrase of “HOARDING”. Like wealthy folks being labeled “GREEDY” preppers will be labeled as HOARDERS. We strongly suspect the enablers in the federal government will label us as hoarders to confiscate our food and (like taxes) award it to the non earners in exchange for their votes. Will you tolerate the confiscation of private food? YES or NO? Chief-No....Sheriff-No good

10. Getting back to emergency powers, will you allow water to be confiscated under martial law, leaving Mesa County high and dry?

YES or NO? Chief-No....Sheriff-No


11. We have the very valuable Gulf Bulk Plant in Grand Junction. All fuel goes through it. Will you allow it to be confiscated leaving us to get around on foot?

YES or NO? Chief-No....Sheriff-No good

12. In the event of the federalization of cop shops, they might attempt to fire constitutional cops. Arresting you is not out of the realm. Myself and several thousand patriots, find this idea intolerable. We'll stand back to back with you over that. You can get a huge volunteer posse just by asking. If it comes to that, will you ask? YES or NO? We'll defend you, if you defend the constitution. These questions are to determine loyalty and then insure it.

Chief-Yes....Sheriff-Yes good

13. If the UN treaty is enacted by Executive Order, will you collect handguns in Mesa County? YES or NO? Chief-NO!....Sheriff-NO!good

14. If it's enacted by Congress will you collect citizen's handguns?

YES or NO? Chief-NO!....Sheriff-NO!good

16. deleted....did not apply

17. What does the TENTH amendment limit?" Chief & Sheriff both agreed

Federal Govt. correct answer.good

18. Do you believe that Federal cops "TRUMP" local cops?

YES or NO? Chief & Sheriff-NO


19. Have you ever been told to "stand down" during a FEDERAL operation?

Chief & Sheriff-NO


20. Do you think a Sheriff is the SUPREME Law enforcement in his county?Yes&Yes good

+21. Can you define the Posse Comitatis Act, and why it was passed?

Both did accurately good

22. Do you intend to enforce the U S Constitution as written?

YES or NO?

Yes, Yes good

23. Do you intend to enforce the “Colorado Constitution” as written?

YES or NO?

Yes, Yes good

24. Will you ARREST a Federal Officer who violates the Constitution?

YES or NO?

Yes, Yes Excellent

25. John Bad Elk killed an officer attempting to falsely arrest him and was exonerated by the supreme court. Their decision was that a citizen need not submit to a false arrest. Your opinion?

Both unfamiliar with the case but both knew any kind of false arrest was totally unacceptable


26. We see a lot of gloves being worn by officers. Some of them have reinforced hard knuckles sewn into the gloves. One can only speculate it's so you don't skin your knuckles while pounding a citizen into submission. These hard knuckle gloves seem to beg road testing. Buy a little boy a hammer and the whole world becomes a nail? I did a career as a cop without ever seeing the need for gloves. Your thoughts?

Chief & Sheriff both defended the gloves



The constitution protects us against tyranny. This works only if it's enforced. Because no one has enforced the tenth amendment, we now have a central government that votes themselves pay raises while exempting themselves from the extortion that is Obamacare. They enrich themselves with insider trading that would land you and I in jail. We have heard endlessly that; No one is above the law. My experience no longer allows me to say that with a straight face. This needs to change. He wants to take over local law enforcement so he can remove the last obstacle to absolute power. This last obstacle is the guns. It's the only check and balance that has not been corrupted. Our guns and the Constitutional Sheriffs are the last hope of keeping this country from becoming a banana republic.

You both took the oath to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Good. We'll hold you to it. I expect we'll all be tested very soon now. This will especially apply to the Sheriff. BLM is coming and so is DHS and her minions. Good luck to us all.

Gentlemen, this concludes our round table. We thank you for attending and for answering our questions and hearing our concerns. I will disseminate this information through the media to save you doing it over and over. Thanks for coming.

With three bad answers out of 25, both men scored 91% good answers. Cooperation with federal cops and their penchant for obeying unconstitutional executive orders, will be something for us all to watch. Some of the bad answers conflicted with other good answers. If I toss out the less important “glove question”, the scores jump to 96%. This is MUCH better than I expected, so over all, I'm pleased. Saying it and DOING it, are two different things. I will watch this very closely to see if the answers change when pressure is applied by the guy who says the police reacted stupidly, gives rifles to murdering drug lords and money and weapons to enemies. We're definitely living in interesting times, yes?

Mike Harlow

Here is the actual recorded audio interview