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Town of Palisade Progressive Government continues to Stifle their local Business Community

Since VetTheGov has been following the Town of Palisade it has become more and more apparent that the town's progressive socialist patterns are scaring business and tourist away from their Main St and unfriendly business environment. Stir in cozy relationships within the town board, chamber of commerce, and of course the local newspaper and you have the perfect Utopia being set in place. However for business owners in the downtown Main St. area such as the Rose Cafe and Palisade Cafe & Grill, selling out is the only escape plan away from higher local city taxes and regulations. Add in a few more wineries and rumors of additional businesses coming up for sale; typical government employees with no understanding of business; the outlook shapes up for another bankrupted city added to the list of many others. Follow this link to local business properties listed for sale in Palisade and ask yourself why so many are running away from this town.

If one just follows the progressive movement not only in the USA but Africa, Russia, and China, it doesn't take long to realize growing the local town government coffers, collecting paychecks not obtainable in any other similar job functions, and taking care of close friends are top strategies in this little peach town government! Just follow the town administrator originally from Delta and look at the trophy buildings and projects left in their wakes. Yes these trophies are losing hand over fist. The Delta golf course and the towns Rec center continue to lose money. Heck they are still trying to find a high dollar town manager to continue the plunder of local businesses and tax payers. Good Luck Delta but surely they will find a really well versed participant in sustainable government through revenue generation. 

As for the Town of Palisade they have their man and their board well positioned for the ultimate progressive government Utopia. They got rid of the police chief who surely didn't have similar progressive ideas but possibly frightened the town with too much force so the progressive game plan needed softened for the moment. History however will prove heavy handed tactics will continue against those opposed to the plan and many will just give up fighting the progressive machine and move on. Sprinkle in the hiring of Zach Adams to the police department whose mother is Jullian Adams, executive director of the palisade chamber of commerce and member of the town's tourism board and writer for the peach town news, along with Dave Parsons the common law husband to Robynn Sundermeier-Town Trustee, hired on to the town public works department. Note how progressives in positions of power take care of those very close and of course always on the tax payers dime. 

Follow the trio of Rich Sales-town manager, David Edwards-mayor pro tem, and his "partner" Bill Hoffman-guest writer for the Peach Town news to the 2015 annual Colorado Municipal League conference and the private plan continues forth as these convenient relationships learn more and more central progressive planning at this event. These three have taken this road trip together for the past several years. Hmmmm...One must wonder since Bill Hoffmann is not an employee for the town why he shows on the CML conference roster as representing the town. The bigger question would be who paid for Bill's trip? Surely not a cheap one and VetTheGov figures around $5K tax dollars spent for the trio! 

At the CML conference Rich Sales was a presentor for the following session:

Economic Development for Small Communities BRR Breckenridge Ballroom Peak 17 Learn how small- to medium-sized Colorado municipalities can excel at economic development. This session will focus on urban renewal, strategic planning and vision, marketing and leveraging resources, and utilizing existing opportunities as a starting point. Presenters: Brandy Reitter, Buena Vista town administrator; Richard Sales, Palisade town administrator; Monty Torres, Brush! town administrator; Sheryl Trent, Evans economic development director

What a wonderful time these men must have had this past week hanging out in Breckenridge sharing so much valued information of running down a small town with progressive teaching sessions! Wondering what the comprehensive game plan will be moving forward? Revenue Generation will obviously be the highest priority in the coming months. Understand the sessions language by Rich Sales presentation is geared towards growing government and not getting out of its own way. Very Telling Picture in Progressive Palisade!!! 

VetTheGov is betting this below session was attended by all three.

Privileges Under the Colorado Open Records Act (Advanced session) DT Columbine Ballroom A–C Arranged by the Attorneys Section Municipalities routinely receive requests for records that may be protected by a privilege, such as the work product, deliberative process, or attorney–client privilege. Sometimes the records are marked as “confidential,” “trade secret,” or “proprietary.” Join veteran municipal attorneys as they discuss privileges and trade secrets under the Colorado Open Records Act. Presenters: Kendra Carberry, Hoffmann Parker Wilson & Carberry PC; Kathleen Kelly, Light Kelly PC; Geoff Wilson, CML general counsel CLE accredited.

In discussing the current economic flavor from local Palisade businesses, the growing theme is that the town government leaders refuse to listen to any of the non-favored local conservative businesses on ideas to help stimulate the local economy. One has to wonder in the progressive utopia of Palisade if the leaders are just looking for their own personal stimulation. Remember anything goes within the walls of Palisade government as noted in this earlier story

In this Grand Junction Sentinel article back from 2011 where mayor pro tem made the following statement:
“We just want activity downtown, and it concerns me when there are that many businesses that are empty,” 

Well mayor pro tem it doesn't sound like much has changed! It's no wonder the mayor pro tem is looking for legal and illegal activity to come to Palisade. Mayor pro tem if you really want activity in the downtown streets simply remove the huge tax and regulation barriers for local businesses. Remove government employees and trustees with chips on their shoulders that shrug off the local business owners. Most of all comprehend that all of these businesses make the money for everyone's checks within the walls of the progressive government utopia being built in Palisade since they and only they create the goods and services that the town taxes by force!