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City of Grand Junction-DO AS I SAY AND NOT AS I DO!!!

Since spring is in the air it appears the City of Grand Junction street sweepers are out in action. So what's the big deal we need to have our roads cleaned, right? Well we would all agree this is a noble task that the tax paying public driving on city roads would expect.

However when you drive past these large dust busters/dust makers, it appears they are violating their own city code noted below and is described as an unlawful act and could result in jail time. Wow that's a huge statement!  

8.20.010 Control of dust-producing areas.

It shall be unlawful for any person to own, possess or control any cleared area, parking lot, vacant lot or other site used by vehicular traffic without implementing an effective abatement or preventive fugitive dust-control measure, as may be required, which may include, but is not limited to, the following:

(a)    Wetting down of the dust-producing area;

(b)    Landscaping;

(c)    Covering, shielding or enclosing;

(d)    Paving on a temporary or permanent basis;

(e)    Treating through the use of palliatives and chemical stabilization.

(Code 1994 § 16-126; Code 1965 § 19-70)

Unlawful for not controlling dust? So your next question will be what are the ramifications of creating such an act of dust pollution? Here you go and it is hefty that includes JAIL of up to 10 days and up to $1,000.00 fine or BOTH! They do have a first conviction out of a slap on the wrist 100.00 fine but nevertheless it's a conviction!

8.20.130 Penalty.

(a)    Any person, firm or corporation violating any provision of this chapter shall be fined not more than $1,000 and/or 10 days in jail for each offense. A separate offense shall be deemed committed on each day, or portion thereof, during or on which a violation occurs or continues. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a realtor, closer or inspector involved in a transfer of ownership shall not be deemed to have violated this chapter in the event that a transfer of ownership occurs in violation of this chapter, unless such realtor, closer or inspector is the transferor, grantor or seller. For the first conviction of GJMC 8.20.060, a person, firm or corporation shall not be fined in excess of $100.00 and no jail time shall be imposed.

(b)    Unless otherwise authorized, the operation of a wood stove or fireplace on a high pollution, “no burn” day is found and declared to be a nuisance against both the public and private individuals. It is the intent and the purpose of the City Council that private individuals aggrieved or injured by the unauthorized operation of a wood stove or fireplace on a high pollution, “no burn” day or days may cite a violation of this chapter or any regulation implementing this chapter as evidence of nuisance per se in support of any claim for damages and/or injunctive or other relief before a court of competent jurisdiction, including the Municipal Court. It is therefore found and declared that any written evidence of a violation of this chapter or any regulation implementing this chapter issued by an authorized agent for the City of Grand Junction, and served on any individual as required by law, shall constitute prima facie evidence of the violation of this chapter and/or any applicable regulation implementing this chapter, as well as prima facie evidence of a nuisance per se.

(c)    This section shall not confer a private right for an action against the City of Grand Junction for the endorsement of this chapter or for the enforcement of any regulation implementing this chapter.

(Amended during 2009 recodification; Ord. 2981, 2-19-97. Code 1994 § 16-138)

So as you watch the video below, who should get fined or arrested for allowing contaminated road dust from street sweepers to infect our City and County air???

See the EPA's Clean Air Act for additional information and contact your city officials and ask why they are throwing so much contaminated 2.5 and 10 micron particulates into the air! 


City of Fruita - A Home Rule Municipality Run by Impersonated Public Officials???

In recent communications with the City of Fruita, VetTheGov learned that the entire City of Fruita City Council, City Manager, City Attorney, Police Chief, Municipal prosecuting attorney, and the Judge have never SUBSCRIBED and FILED their required Oath of Service/Office as stated in their own municipal code!!! So there is no confusion going forward here is the definition of SUBSCRIBE from the Black's Law Dictionary free online Legal Dictionary 2nd Edition: In the law of contracts. To write under; to write the name under; to write the name at the bottom or end of a writing.

The Municipal codes in question are 2.44.010, 2.04, and 2.28.090.


Before entering upon the duties of their respective office, each of the officers named in Chapter 2.04 shall take and subscribe the following oath:

"I,_________________________________, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and of the State of Colorado and that I will well and faithfully discharge and perform the duties of the ________________________________ of the City of Fruita, to the best of my skill and ability: So Help Me God." (Ord. 28 Art. 1, S4 (part), 1907)

Notice the word Before at the beginning of the Municipal code and the word Subscribe that are two very important parts of this Oath requirement. Typically the Subscribed Oath's are then filed with the City Clerk! VetTheGov received an email from the Clerk when requesting these Oath of Service documents and was informed that no Oath of Service's were on file for any of the named Office positions above. VetTheGov was informed that these Officer positions have only taken ceremonial Oath's and never Subscribed an Oath of Service and nothing is on file with the City Clerk's Office. In speaking with Clint Kinney City Manager, he stated he was not required to take or subscribe an Oath of Service since he was appointed and contracted by the City Council. If you are a resident in the City Limits of Fruita, wouldn't you have expected the CEO of your city to uphold the United States Constitution, the Colorado Constitution your city is chartered under, and finally your local Municipal codes that the CEO is in direct charge of making sure they are adhered too??? In section 4.05 in the City of Fruita Charter it specifically calls the City Manager Chief Administration Officer and in section F of the same paragraph gives the City Manager direct authority to see that all laws and provisions of the Charter and Code are properly performed.

The City Manager also believes if he hires or contracts someone out of his office they work for him directly and not the Citizens of Fruita and therefore not required to take, subscribe, and file an Oath of Service. The City Manager specifically noted this in regards to the municipal prosecutor position. The City Manager advised VetTheGov that the Municipal Prosecutor is a contracted position with his office and not required to take an Oath of Service, yet in the municipal prosecutors contract it specifically states the contract is with the City of Fruita and the attorney being contracted as the City's attorney. Municipal Court documents also state that the City can use the City Attorney against you in court. The Municipal prosecutor represents the People of Fruita along with People of the State of Colorado, yet no requirement to uphold the Constitution or much less the City municipal codes they enforce in court. The Colorado Bar issued the following statement in an Ethics opinion regarding attorney's working for a Public Entity: "A lawyer representing a governmental body assumes certain responsibilities of a public or quasi-public official and thus, having the same ethical responsibilities as a public official."

This behavior and thought process cannot be tolerated or the City will continue to forge its given power against the will of its people who give it to them! If left unchecked by the Citizens of Fruita, this behavior will only exacerbate itself at a huge cost to the taxpayers inside the City Limits! 

For the Citizens of Fruita, the law of Colorado typically recognizes the positions that did not meet the requirements in taking the offices in question as Vacant. This is very serious when you have a City Council, the City Manager, City Attorney, the municipal prosecuting attorney, the Judge, and the Police Chief making decisions and enforcing Municipal Codes for your City potentially seen as Vacant. If these aren't specifically spelled out in your Charter then the Colorado Constitution becomes the authority on what constitutes a Vacancy. This question was raised to the Texas Municipal League regarding Oath of Office and since the City of Fruita is a member of the Municipal League it might behoove the City to seek some additional help in defining the word Subscribe in regards to Oath of Office, although the document states to refer to the City Attorney who also must Subscribe an Oath and hasn't! Will make for an interesting opinion! If positions are considered Vacant, then are all the Officers and Appointed Officers Impersonating Public Officials or Peace Officers in their current roles??? Again will make for an interesting opinion! The City of Fruita Charter specifically states if a Council position is found Vacant the Council has 60 days to fill the Vacancy. But what if all the positions are considered Vacant? Can you see the dilemma? 

In a recent records request, VetTheGov was provided only one Oath of Service and it was from a police officer with the City of Fruita but nothing for the City attorney's, Chief of Police, or the Judge. In the attached Oath of Service the City only shows the Oath was administered never Subscribed by the actual person taking the Office!!! In the response from the clerk she states, "There are no written oaths for Judge Brown and Chief Angelo. They gave their oaths at a public City Council meeting. The minutes of the Council meeting are an official record of their promise, or subscription, to the oath." Debra Woods, Deputy City Clerk City of Fruita 325 E. Aspen Ave. Fruita, CO  81521 (970) 858-3663 (970) 858-0210 (fax). VetTheGov spoke with a former Elected City Council official who stated he never Subscribed the Oath of Office only a ceremonial one at a Council meeting! It appears the Judge is appointed and offered a contract every one or two years, so a question surfaces of wouldn't the Contracted Judge be required to Subscribe the Oath of Service every contract interval??? This opens up a huge can of worms for any decisions the contracted Judge would have made during their contracted tenure with no Oath of Office/Service on file! Interesting to note the current City Judge is also a traffic defense attorney. VetTheGov asked the City Manager what checks and balances were in place to make sure there is never a conflict of interest with the Judge. The City Manager's answer was there are no checks or balances in place, only trust in the Judges personal integrity. 

VetTheGov wanting to make sure this is a requirement across the Grand Valley looked into other Home Rule Municipalities such as the City of Grand Junction and The City of Delta. VetTheGov even communicated with the City Attorney for the City of Grand Junction who confirmed they require every Officer of the City (Elected and Appointed) as well as every employee take and subscribe their Oath of Office and file it with their City Clerk. The question arises as to why the City of Fruita doesn't feel the need to meet this same requirement noted above in their Oath of Service? 

99. Oath of Office. City of Grand Junction, CO

Every officer or salaried employee shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, take, subscribe, and file with the clerk an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Colorado, and the Charter and ordinances of the City of Grand Junction, and faithfully to perform the duties of the position upon which he is about to enter.

138. Oath of Office--Bond-City of Delta, CO. Every officer or salaried employee shall, before he enters upon the duties of his office, take, subscribe and file with the Clerk an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Colorado and the Charter and ordinances of the City of Delta, and faithfully to perform the duties of the position upon which he is about to enter. Any officer or employee required to give bond shall not be qualified for his office or appointment until such bond has been duly approved by the Council and filed with the Clerk who shall have custody thereof.

Citizens of Fruita as shown in your City's organizational chart could this mean in the Court's opinion that all decisions ever made without fulfilling the City's Oath requirement be considered erroneous? Could this mean litigation and challenge for any of these previous decisions the City Council or City Officers implemented are invalid? It definitely leaves open the opportunity for challenge! Citizens of Fruita it is time for you to look under the hood and make sure your Elected and Appointed government servants are meeting the requirements set out in your Charter and your Municipal Codes. Citizens of Fruita its time to make sure your Charter reflects the conditions you want your Elected and Appointed leaders to follow! VetTheGov believes if they won't adhere to your own local codes by subscribing to your required Oath of Service, then it must be that they really don't feel obligated to uphold these foundational principles on your behalf! Citizens of Fruita you deserve better!

VetTheGov has reached out to the City Council and the City Manager, as they are now well aware of this situation. Hopefully they will make this right for the Citizens of Fruita's sake!!! Thomas Jefferson said, "At the establishment of our constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to become the most dangerous; that the insufficiency of the means provided for their removal gave them a freehold and irresponsibility in office; that their decisions, seeming to concern individual suitors only, pass silent and unheeded by the public at large; that these decisions, nevertheless, become law by precedent, sapping, by little and little, the foundations of the constitution, and working its change by construction, before any one has perceived that that invisible and helpless worm has been busily employed in consuming its substance. In truth, man is not made to be trusted for life, if secured against all liability to account." 


Mesa Valley District 51 $31+ Million in Cash yet still no Security for our Kids! 

In an earlier story on District 51 Tax Spending, VetTheGov uncovered over $31 Million in Cash reserves as of December 2012!!! The only question now that needs an answer is WHY IS THERE STILL NO SECURITY FOR OUR KIDS???  An 8,000.00 door didn't work in Sandy Hook and they won't work here either!

So the delay can only be to allow time to offer a new PR campaign on how to the District needs more dollars for the provided service instead of letting the Community and teachers decide!  Surely the behind closed door sessions between the District and local law enforcement agencies confirms this PR campaign!

Mesa County citizens We can no longer allow our government agencies to behave in such complete disregard for our Kids Safety because of Smoke & Mirror PR campaigns for more money!  It's time we allow the local Community to step up and protect our kids by Volunteering to protect our Most Treasured Assets!  Make the Time to get involved today and contact District 51 and let your opinion be heard loud and clear!  District 51 Contact information click HERE!

Here is a Colorado study showing 15.5% of kids in school are carrying a weapon at any given time!  Maybe teachers should just borrow one of these in case the need to defend themselves or their students.

"It doesn't make sense that we guard our gold with guns and we guard our kids with hope!"

Here is the School District meeting from January 8, 2013 discussing school security and yes Ann Tisue admits having plenty of funds with her commments starting at 55:52 in the below video!!!



Mesa Valley District 51's Tax Spending Exposed!

VetTheGov recently located an extra $2.124 Million in surplus and after digging in a little deeper we have put together a breakdown of the spending for the Calendar Year 2012. VetTheGov used the Monthly Check Registers located on District 51's almost transparent website and used only checks written for $10,000.00 or more. You can download the VetTheGov Excel Spreadsheet here to follow along!

2012 Top Recipients of your Tax Dollars:

  1. First Student   $5,028,533.33 - Bus Program. Time to make Prius buses!
  2. Home Loan State Bank   $2,106,604.07 - Taxpayer Re-Investment Program.
  3. Xcel Energy    $1,948,501.92 - How about this energy consumption?
  4. Western Colordo FCU    $1,590,151.05 - At least some monies staying local.
  5. Grand Valley-BOCES    $1,518,972.56 - Really more layers of bureaucracy!!!
  6. Delta Dental   $1,337,323.72 - Teeth costing more than Health these days! Smile!
  7. Dell Financial SVP LP   $1,227,034.59 - Why Apple stocks aren't doing well!
  8. LOCO Inc   $976,954.67 - Cost of Fuel for these Global Warming buses!
  9. Andrews Food Service   $970,334.51 - Must be because they have cheap food!
  10. Reliastar Life Ins    $823,855.55 - Another promised benefit!
  11. Evans Newton   $687,814.34 - Consulting? Curriculum? Tough Times call them?
  12. Trane   $645,279.38 - Someone has some new AC/Heat!
  13. Meadow Gold Dairy   $594,670.50 - We all know Milk is pricey these days!
  14. Mesa Valley Edu Assoc  $546,947.32 - The all powerful Union! See where it ends up here!
  15. Colorado Dept of Edu   $470,544.26 - Must have overpaid the District or extra services!

Honorable Mentions:

Hoskin, Farina, & Kampf - $230,632.61  D51 has no staff attorney but you would think with CDE & BOCES they could afford to split a full-time attorney to handle any legal matters. Or better yet CDE & BOCES should just provide one!

Colorado West Regional Mental Health - $140,733.95  One can only wonder how many teachers and administrator's are being treated at the moment???

Gallup Marketing - $31,970.00  This was for the 3B campaign for even more of your taxes!!!

Next the Procurement Credit Card Gone WILD:

  • Jan 2012  $273,827.99
  • Feb 2012  $299,635.91
  • Mar 2012  $301,096.44
  • Apr 2012  $373,072.25
  • May 2012  $425,300.70
  • Jun 2012  $506,707.43
  • Jul 2012  $201,564.76
  • Aug 2012  $301,945.19
  • Sep 2012  $377,856.65
  • Oct 2012  $326,890.01
  • Nov 2012  $258,024.92
  • Dec 2012  $434,469.60

WOW! $4,080,391.85 in Credit Card swipes. From to Walmart to Lowes to plane rides and hotels, these cards get used and hopefully not abused. Now the BIGGEST question is who gets one??? What are the limits? Do they get abused? How do we know? Lot's of nickel-and-diming at these stores! Just a few questions to begin asking the School District Administration and UNISERV folks at the next School Board Meeting!

Current CASH available as of December 2012 - $31,875,277.00

Sorry didn't hear that in the we need more money budget video! Remember after 3B failed last year there was an immediate removal of School Resource Officers from several schools and fears of many schools having to close. Notice how they always flip this nonsense back on the local hard working makers by sparking emotion in the community rather than fact by pulling away funding to programs that are needed "FOR THE KIDS SAFETY!" Hopefully you now understand that District 51, CDE, CEA, The State, and The Feds are all responsible for these out of control budget issues and internal spending nightmares, NOT YOU!!!

Hear it from a recent School Board meeting that they have more funds! Thanks for visiting VetTheGov and stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of local government spending and accountability!


Mesa Valley District 51 had a SURPLUS in 2010-2011 of $2.124 Million!

Contrary to popular news flashes and propaganda released by the Mesa Valley School District 51 and their Union TABOR buster handouts, they actually show a Surplus in the recent 2010-2011 Colorado Department of Education (CDE) Total Expenditures and Revenues.  This is after the hotly contested Mill Levy Override requested last year by the District Administration for 3B in which Mesa County homeowners and businesses rejected!  The businesses and homeowners were asked to give up a Starbucks coffee and a movie in return for an increased property TAX and the District pleaded that if the Levy override wasn't passed schools would close immediately.  To date NO Mesa Valley Schools have been closed and at the January 8th, 2013 school board business round table discussion it was mentioned by a Board member that the District had extra funds available this year as well.

BUT what is interesting as you dig into the PAST you discover A SPENDING Problem during some of our best financial years!!!  Also notice the per pupil funding as it differs often from the low $6,100 you always hear. 

Here are the 2010-2011 Totals based on 21,025.2

Total Revenues (Incoming Taxes) $212,037,042.00 or $10,085 per pupil

Total Expenditures (Outgoing Cost) $209,912,512.00 or $9984 per pupil

Surplus (What's left over after all Cost) $2,124,530.00 or $101 per pupil

Just to completely verify the above numbers as accurate, VetTheGov contacted CDE finance office staff via email. Here is the Exchange:

Hello Theresa,

Questions on Total Revenues vs Expenditures at the District Level.

Do the totals in Table IIB rows J & K for 2010-2011 represent every dime from that District??? Is there any other Expenditures or Revenues not shown here and if not where else would they be???

Do reimbursements for transportation or special needs appear in these calculations???

Mr./Mrs. _______,

It reflects all reported expenditures reported by the districts. If you asking about state categorical funding for transportation and special education? If so, yes the revenue and associated expenditures are reported.

Theresa Christensen | Sr. Consultant Public School Finance | Colorado Department of Education

Since we have been hearing about the dire straight budget constraints over the past few years of recession lets look back a couple of budget cycles.

Here are the 2009-2010 Totals based on 20,996.2 pupils

Total Revenues (Incoming Taxes) $202,371,247.00 or $9638 per pupil

Total Expenditures (Outgoing Cost) $201,300,376.00 or $9587 per pupil

Surplus (What's left over after all Cost) $1,070,871.00 or $51 per pupil

Here are the 2008-2009 Totals based on 21,041.8 pupils

Total Revenues (Incoming Taxes) $195,144,726.00 or $9274 per pupil

Total Expenditures (Outgoing Cost) $199,263,059.00 or $9470 per pupil

Deficit (Overspent Revenues) $-4,118,333.00 or $-196 per pupil

Here are the 2007-2008 Totals based on 20,241 pupils

Total Revenues (Incoming Taxes) $188,562,683.00 or $9316 per pupil

Total Expenditures (Outgoing Cost) $194,187,598.00 or $9594 per pupil

Deficit (Overspent Revenues) $-5,624,915.00 or $-278 per pupil

Here are the 2006-2007 Totals based on 20,206 pupils

Total Revenues (Incoming Taxes) $179,871,623.00 or $8902 per pupil

Total Expenditures (Outgoing Cost) $194,976,795.00 or $9649 per pupil

Deficit (Overspent Revenues) $-15,105,142.00 or $-747 per pupil

Interesting to Note that in 2010-2011 the CDE administration's budget was $38.5 Million for 110 Full Time Equivalents (FTE) and has been raised during this recession to just over $80 Million for 150 FTE's!  So CDE how can you justify 40 new administrators during a recession for twice the previous allocations???  Taxpayers these are the questions you need to ask your elected officials, otherwise the Smoke & mirrors campaign pushes forward!

After following the PAST money trail it appears during the Boom cycles Mesa Valley District 51 Overspent by a large amount and after being over $24 Million in the RED  they finally have their hands around how to budget!  Kudos to the current administration especially Melissa Devita for stopping the bleeding but it leaves many questions as to why the HUGE deficits when times were best and now when times are poor you are actually in Surplus. Mesa County residents these are the questions to begin asking the school board and school administration!  Where have the TARP monies been spent???  Why are you not discussing all Revenues when discussing the budget only State and local funds???  Why do you state that Federal funds are directed to be spent in certain areas when you know that is an untrue statement???  Why did you overspend back in the BOOM cycle???  How much monies from Referendum C did you receive???  Why the ATTACK on TABOR???

Here is the Districts Smoke & Mirror campaign of trying to cover up the past OVERSPENDING issues when State Tax Revenue times were at their pinnacle!!!  Enjoy the Video!


Dan NOT the Man for CO HD55!

Upon first looking into Democrat candidate Dan Robinson, his resume reads picture perfect.  However upon closer examination of this local ambulance chaser attorney, the picture begins to read of a man creating victims in society by playing the Special Interest card!  From his LaRaza loving to the Gay & Lesbian affair in the school system to free legal services for illegal aliens and the so called poor, Dan quickly shows his true colors.  These colors represent a man who thinks only through Big Government ideas can Social Justice be played out.  These ideas come at a huge cost to society through higher taxes and more racial divide then we have ever seen because Social Justice can only happen if you create victims.   

One of Dan's biggest victim's are illegal aliens.  Dan offers (denies the allegation) pro bono legal services to these individuals and even tells them how to speak to police if and when they encounter them.  It's no wonder Dan denied he does this in front of the voters at the Club 20 debates because it is a Felony to Harbor illegal aliens.  Another interesting note is that Dan actually convinced a group of his illegal alien clients to share their concerns at the Mesa County courthouse. Here is the exact writings from the 2011 Colorado Access to Justice Commission report made by local defense attorney and JD21 ATJ representative Leslie Castro:

"Dan Robinson, local attorney who does a lot of pro bono work with undocumented immigrants, convinced a handful of his clients to come to the COURTHOUSE to talk to the ATJ group about the problems they face. (What do I do if I get pulled over? Etc.) This meeting was followed up with a meeting with local law enforcement to discuss these issues."

Dan wanted added to a School District business meeting regarding illegal aliens and remember voters you pay for these services!


August 22, 2006, Business Meeting Adopted

Dan Robinson asked the minutes be amended to reflect a key-point from the discussion regarding services for immigrant children, by adding the following statement: The Mesa County Health Department encourages and invites anyone, regardless of their immigration status, to have immunizations for their children at the Health Department

Dan's support for La Raza became public information from this school board meeting

"Leslie Kiesler acknowledged this conference as very worthwhile for students, and noted that Dan Robinson is highly supportive of LaRaza and the staff who sponsor this annual conference."

Dan in his run for County Commissioner back in 2008 gave this statement on Gun Control.

Dan Robinson, a candidate for county commissioner, suggested that technology circumscribes our rights. "Plastic guns cannot be identified in metal detectors and should be controlled," he said. Setting aside the fact that no such gun exists, we wonder if Robinson would extend his argument about technology to the First Amendment. Should we restrict freedom of the press because we now have electricity and the internet?

Dan's recent endorsement from One Colorado another progressive Special Interest group representing the Gay & Lesbian agenda!

Here is Dan stumping for Obama in 2008! Clearly shows Dan is a typical progressive with no new ideas, just old retreads of class warfare and victim hood!

Dan thinks Obamacare is a good law and wants to capitalize on Federal funding for Medicaid. Also wants to revisit TABOR and severance tax rates!  Visit his answers here the League of Women Voters Q & A.  

The evidence is crystal clear on why Dan is NOT the man for CO HD55.  Dan is another leftist progressive liberal that will do everything in their power to bankrupt not only our local economy and State but circumvent the Constitution for his quest of a Social Justice Socialism Utopia!


2011 Mesa County School District 51 Total Expenditures Released

Mesa County citizens have continued to hear that the Local Mesa County School District 51 needs more money yet they never give accurate information on how much per pupil they actually receive.  The Daily Sentinel will have you believe that the school budget is tight and the State keeps reducing their funding and programs cut and teachers are losing jobs, etc., etc.  Ironic when you look at Total Expenditures to the District they continue to rise each and every year. 

The 2010-2011 Total Expenditures were recently released from the Colorado Department of Education which show for 21,025.2 pupils $209,912,512.00 was allocated to the District or better put $9984.00 per pupil!  Compared to the previous year of $9587.00 per pupil this is the biggest increase per pupil over the past several years! $397.00 per pupil or $8,612,136.00 increase from last year to be exact and the highest ever total expenditures in the District and somehow this wasn't enough! 

The Smoke & Mirrors campaign is still full steam ahead and the continued shame being placed on the local Mesa County citizens will continue because you failed to pass and agree to more taxes and fees without any financial accountability.  See VetTheGov's previous story on why Voting NO on 3B was your only way of holding the Big Government tax and fee robbers at bay! 

VetTheGov will also continue to keep an eye on increased and new fees as they will use 3B as an excuse to continue to find more ways of revenue collection with scare tactics!  Stay Tuned and Thanks for visiting VetTheGov! 


Maybe this is Why Mesa County employee turnover is High and Moral low!

In a recent story in the Grand Junction Sentinel regarding Mesa County turnover rates, VetTheGov dug in a little deeper as to the more likely reasons. Could it be that County workers are seeing positions removed in order for the elite few to receive raises??? Let's take a look!

VetTheGov has highlighted some positions located on page one of the 2010 & 2011 annual salaries posted on Mesa County's website.

Starting with the elected County Commissioners pay you will notice two of the three received raises from the $72,500 up to $76,600 & $76,700. Only one Commissioner in 2011 received the usual $72,500 annual salary.

The next thing that jumps off the page is the position of Deputy Assessor-Administration pay in 2010 was $80,775.95 and dropped all the way to $71,118.37. Could this be why the next highlighted position below that one is Director of Financial Services which saw their salary INCREASE from $102,745.92 in 2010 up to $107,371.93??? As you continue through the entire salary structure of the County you find a very interesting trend of some winners and many losers on the pay scale freeze or even salary reductions. It just depends on the position you hold. Of course VetTheGov focused on all the director positions for the County and are broken down for your convenience.

Mesa County Director Position Salaries 2010 - 2011

  • Financial Services   $102,745.92 in 2010; raised to $107,371.93 in 2011
  • Public Works  $129,549.68 in 2010; raised to $139,871.06 in 2011
  • Director-CJSD  $102,541.68 in 2010; lowered to $99,450.12 in 2011
  • MV & Recording   $90,017.24 in 2010; lowered to $69,529.80 in 2011
  • Land Use & Dev   $90,017.24 in 2010; lowered to $87,732.84 in 2011
  • Environmental Health   $90,618.05 in 2010; lowered  to $89,427.00 in 2011
  • Prevention & ED  $58,368.68 in 2010; raised to $60,732.00 in 2011
  • Long Range Planning   $90,660.44 in 2010; lowered to $88,148.64 in 2011
  • Dept. Health Services   $99,983.12 in 2010; raised to $106,183.38 in 2011
  • Waste management   $72,375.18 in 2010; raised to $82,716.12 in 2011
  • Assit. to Public Works Dir.   $62,347.37 in 2010; lowered to $59,645.04 in 2011
  • Dev. Engineer   $91,646.90 in 2010; raised to $96,176.76 in 2011
  • Health Prep   $82,850.77 in 2010; raised to $89,684.76 in 2011
  • Planning   $115,122.88 in 2010; lowered to $87,732.84 in 2011
  • Health Dept.   $86,391.99 in 2010; raised to $101,976.10 in 2011
  • Elections   $45,600.00 in 2010; kept at $45,600.00 in 2011
  • Animal Services   $67,893.06 in 2010; raised to $77,070.96 in 2011
  • Engineering Div.   $103,240.09 in 2010 lowered to $100,542.84 in 2011
  • Div. Director-CJSD   $91,661.77 in 2010; lowered to $88,676.64 in 2011
  • AAA  $58,471.87 in 2010; lowered to $57,093.99 in 2011
  • Public Relations   $65,989.77 in 2010; lowered to $107,371.93 in 2011
  • Clinical Services   $28,292.51 in 2010; raised to $88,065.04 in 2011
  • Family & Children   $85,162.88 in 2010; lowered to $67,905.16 in 2011
  • Health Admin. Svcs $86,391.99 in 2010; raised to $92,321.04 in 2011
  • Div. Dir.-CJSD  $94,114.66 in 2010; lowered to $89,201.89 in 2011
  • SS & EMP   $71,104.46 in 2010; lowered to $69,300.00 in 2011
  • Workforce Center   $87,562.88 in 2010; raised to $93,783.80 in 2011
  • County Attorney   $122,111.22 in 2010; lowered to $112,561.60 in 2011
  • IT Manager   $88,276.25 in 2010; raised to $92,227.33 in 2011

District Attorney's Office/Law Enforcement Directors

  • District Attorney   $149,215.56 in 2010; raised to $164,522.60 in 2011
  • Assit. DA   $136,251.24 in 2010; raised to $140,875.68 in 2011
  • Chief Deputy DA  $114,688.44 in 2010; raised to $116,204.90 in 2011
  • Senior Trial DA   $66,246.96 in 2010; raised to $71,931.98 in 2011
  • Sheriff   $87,900.08 in 2010; lowered to $87,700.08 in 2011
  • Chief Deputy Undersheriff   $107,911.12 in 2010; lowered to $106,293.84 in 2011
  • Division Commander   $102,542.47 in 2010; raised to $104,948.04 in 2011

All the above Salaries do not include the additional 25% in benefits received by County employees.

The biggest question that needs answered to the taxpayers of Mesa County is when the media reports no raises for Three years in a row during the economic downturn and over 19.5% unemployment locally, why do we see so many increases in certain Director's pay and yet in lower positions we see salaries cut drastically or positions removed??? Maybe just maybe this is the reason for the high turnover and low moral in many departments.

Another question needing answers are how can this model of government continue to be funded and supported??? VetTheGov believes attrition will continue within the agency especially when the higher salaried positions begin having to take more hits to their pay and benefits! What do you think???

Stay tuned to VetTheGov as the County budget for 2012 will be compared to last years budget!


Colorado the Time is NOW for a State Bank!!!

See the four part video segment below by local Mesa County resident and Banking expert Marilyn Barnewall. Her expertise and knowledge of the system and industry as a whole will prove it is time to break away from the Federal Reserve chains and Federal Government tentacles by creating a Colorado State Bank just like in North Dakota that will protect Colorado citizens from the massive debt being created in Washington DC. Here is Marilyn's blog which gives more information about the Colorado petition being pushed via a ballot initiative for the People to decide since the elected dead beats in the State Capital can't get it done through the legislative process, especially during a re-election year. Please watch these important videos and then help petition to get this on the November 2012 ballot. Thanks for tuning in and getting educated. Ballot Petition coming soon!


PERA holdings top $13 Billion! Where is the other $28 Billion???

VetTheGov checked the recent PERA filings via Securities & Exchange commission website to see their recent quarterly update report on January 24. 2012. The report shows stock holdings with 2443 publicly held companies with current value of $13.1 Billion. Yet Colorado PERA shows over $41 Billion in assets on their 2010 Annual Financial report. Yes read the fine print and the grand total includes 401K's, 457's, Deferred Comp plans, Health Care Trust funds, and a life insurance reserve. Are they allowed to show public employee funded private accounts as assets??? No breakdown of exactly how much is appropriated to any of these funds but you as the taxpayer are on the hook for any promises they make or claim. The scary part of this is that the health care trust funds both show a funded ratio of ONLY around 17% on page 3 of the annual report which means there can't be much in these funds! The entire PERA fund is only 66% funded to total liabilities with the biggest claim of a whopping 14% return on investments! Are they getting inside trader information???

It appears PERA uses smoke-screens in their funding numbers by adding in additional trust funds used to offset healthcare cost to its members. It allows for members that may or may not qualify for Medicare to receive an additional subsidy between 115.00 to 230.00 monthly depending on status and years of service. There is currently a bill being introduced in this years legislation that is seeking to strike certain language from it. See HB12-1250 here. PERA opposes this bill probably because it impacts over 37,000 that currently receive the subsidy! Click here to see all the PERA legislation this year alone!!! Why so much legislation for a fund we always hear is doing so well???

On page 7 in the annual report you notice their top 10 stock picks for 2010 but in their latest filing VetTheGov has their current top 10.

  1. Bank of America-10.3 Million shares Political givings
  2. GE-8.2 Million shares Political givings
  3. Pfizer-6.9 Million shares Political givings
  4. AT & T-5.6 Million shares Political givings
  5. Wells Fargo-5.1 million shares Political givings
  6. Oracle-4.7 Million shares Political givings
  7. Cisco-4.3 Million shares Political givings
  8. Exxon-4.2 Million shares Political givings
  9. JP Morgan Chase-4.0 Million shares Political givings
  10. Comcast-3.4 Million shares Political givings

Honorable Mention over 2 Million shares: Merck, Newscorp, Citigroup, Altria Group, Chevron, US Bancorp, Morgan Stanley

Notice a theme with the banks? Remember these are your private industry tax dollars funded directly into large corporations and you must take notice of the bailout related companies in the top 10! If you recall the great Ponzi schemes they all have the same indications of promises made by PERA. Promises of 8% returns annually and a check always showing up monthly on time so you never worry! If the government runs out they simply add more to the system by increasing the debt limit, find clever ways to increase taxes and fees, and poof your PERA check still arrives! In the meantime your retirement accounts are funding Oil & Gas companies, Big Banks, Pharma Companies, and Big News media outlets that continue the smoke & mirrors game to keep you guessing, confused, divided and owned! 

If the bailout monies were never delivered the whole scheme would have imploded. Big question is how many workers in the public and private sector does this scheme employ??? Is this why government feels the necessity to create a new green marketplace??? Is this why Big Government and politicians campaign about job creation all the time??? What about your tax dollars funding Big Unions and Big Media outlets??? What about your tax dollars funding Politicians you don't even like??? If you go to VetTheGov's earlier story on who these Big Corporations give to politically, you must ask what are they protecting??? They are protecting the biggest SCAM ever invented and where no one ever goes to prison and the PEOPLE stay enslaved without a clue unless of course you join the SCAM or figure a way to the top of the pyramid like a job in DC or high up in the ranks of a financial institution like Goldman Sachs or a Big Corporation like GE that don't pay any taxes just really enjoy taking them!

Look below and see if you can follow the scheme! At least following your tax dollars all the way to the President and the President's men appointed to the Federal Reserve might clear up a few things. If you look all the way through PERA's holdings you will find most of the companies listed below. 

When you follow the money trail or attempt to decipher it is no wonder our government, corporations, and media outlets try to keep the masses divided in order to keep the Scheme from imploding! Stay tuned for more updates in the near future! 


NO TO HENRY! Fruita Mayor Ken Henry is the POSER & WANNABE! 

VetTheGov loves it when true colors begin appearing from Wannabe political candidates. This weekend proved once again for Fruita Mayor Ken Henry a very colorful Wannabe commissioner in Poser fashion on display for all to see. VetTheGov would really like to see Mayor Henry's success rate in the private sector selling real estate and I bet it's the reason he needs a paying public sector job! Why else would he start the mudslinging against another strong conservative at the Mesa County republican convention??? Maybe it's to keep his throne or feeling of power and authority over the People??? VetTheGov believes it's both of the above!

Let VetTheGov give you a little background on the arrogant Obama like attitude from Mayor Henry who looks down upon the People in order to prop his righteous self upwards. Mayor Henry was an adamant supporter of Bob Hislop during Bob's campaign run for house District 54. Just in case you have a short memory, Hislop was under close scrutiny over his RID statement on an Obama related website. During a debate between Bob and the eventual winner Ray Scott in the Fruita chambers, Mayor Henry verbally attacked the individual that uncovered the Obama relationship of the candidate that Mayor Henry supported and officially endorsed! During the verbal altercation Mayor Henry in front of a large gathering yelled out loud the words to this individual, "AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN?" Mayor Henry yelled this twice and it was later learned Mayor Henry had never met this individual. So it leaves the question of Mayor Henry's God like judgement throne that he knows the conditions of people's spiritual hearts well enough that in his public chamber he alone has the authority to question ones spiritual condition without ever knowing them. VetTheGov has learned there were over 15 witnesses to this judgmental outburst by Mayor Henry, yet his chosen personally endorsed candidate lost by a large margin. Well maybe Mayor Henry can sit up high and question peoples faith but he sure can't pick political winners.

Let's look closer at the remark Mayor "holier than thou" Henry made to the The Sentinel after the convention, "the difference between someone who has made hard decisions and a wannabe." Do you notice his pattern of behavior is that of an arrogant status quo POSER who will tell you want you want to hear in order to keep his self righteous throne! John Justman was taken back by a desparate Henry willing to do whatever it takes for a 70,000.00 salary and to maintain his power broker position over the People! How does Mayor "holier than thou" Henry know that John Justman hasn't ever made any hard decisions??? VetTheGov wants you to understand that Henry will attack anyone in his way even a strong community leader and strong conservative like John Justman. Do you see the similarities of his outburst towards the individual during the Hislop campaign and his comments towards John Justman??? VetTheGov does and if Henry is elected as Commissioner he will continue to feel invincible on his throne! 

When Mayor Henry believes he is right please don't disagree as you will soon enter his judgement throne and be publicly disciplined for not only your Faith but just the fact that you disagreed with his holiness! VetTheGov knows Mayor Henry if elected as a County Commissioner will continue with this behavior since it continues to show up in plain view and in the press during the republican convention for all to see his glory! For this reason, VetTheGov says NO TO HENRY for he truly is the POSER and WANNABE!


Breaking Inside Information regarding Laura Bradford Ethics DUI Investigation!!!!!!

On January 25th, 2012 Representative Laura Bradford was pulled over for erratic driving which quickly escalated into a poorly handled DUI by Denver Police. Since then the story has switched over to a huge ethics investigation and many misleading news stories. Here is a little more credible inside information you have not heard in any other media story.

On January 30th, 2012 prior to Bradford's apology she agreed with Leadership to the following:

  • agreed to ethics hearing and investigation
  • agreed to pre-determined punishment (removed from committee was one of these)
  • agreed to get alcohol treatment

Fast forward two days later after the Denver Police apologized for not placing Bradford in cuffs but still failing the roadside sobriety test you get Bradford suddenly going rogue and denying all charges against her. So what did she apologize for to begin with??? Getting caught? Embarrassment for drinking and driving? Invoking legislative privilege by her answers of coming from a legislative drinking function and has to be at another in the morning? Many will disagree with the last question but is important to note because law enforcement always ask this question during a DUI stop! Don't forget the special privilege plate our lawmakers place on their personal vehicles that recognize them as such! So VetTheGov understands how the Denver Police Department could misinterpret Bradford's answer of invoking the privilege. Also don't forget she had to take a cab ride home because she was unfit in the officer's opinion to drive and still there is that lurking gun charge hanging around as well!

Frank McNulty considered resigning from his leadership position in order to keep the Dems from gaining any advantage to push their bills through. One Democrat legislature was so hoping this would happen and was very arrogant in his comment to House Republicans stating that by Bradford defecting would allow the clear passage of every Democrat Bill without any recourse or blocking from Republicans.

The upcoming panel investigating the event will have subpoena powers that will get the information we are all hoping and waiting for!!!

  • DUI roadside sobriety test results from the officer that administered them, although this should already be public information.
  • Bartender and waitress that served the group.
  • Colorado Senator Jean White who was out with Bradford along with her husband Al White who was appointed by Gov. Hickenlooper as Director of Tourism and currently serving this role.
  • Doug Dean Director of Public Utility Commission.
  • More in the drinking club to be determined.
  • The Bar Tab and who paid and how many drinks were consumed and sold.

Just a few items listed and maybe just maybe some surprise information will come to light. There is no doubt Bradford's days are numbered politically as this incident has ruined any chance of getting re-elected and possibly continuing as a legislature! The damage done however will continue for some time as this was the last thing the GOP needed this year. VetTheGov is hoping and praying Bradford chooses help before any more damage can be inflicted on herself or others! 


Time for HD54 Rep. Laura Bradford to go!

The many question marks continue to pile up against House District Representative Laura Bradford and her ability to serve the constituents of the newly designated HD 54. VetTheGov will provide the many examples and reasons to start her desk clearing at the Capitol building.

1. Bradford voted YES for HB10-1365 the infamous government's picking and choosing winnners and losers for the free market of natural gas over coal fired power plants. So what's the bid deal about her vote here? Well she had the audacity to show up at Xcel Energy's Cameo plant in an attempt to keep it open after voting to cause its demise. This is typical of politicians in hoping no one ever remembers past votes! Side note you will notice in the background of the picture in the link provided below Steve King who also voted in favor of the same bill suddenly fighting to save a coal power generation plant. Yes VetTheGov is as perplexed as you are after reading the link.

2. Another controversial bill promoted after many other republicans backed away from it was HB11-1256. Bradford continued sponsorship of the bill even after receiving arguments from Pro-Life group Christian Family Alliance of Colorado

3. Bradford recently made it clear she was more interested on running for local office rather than stay in Denver and legislate.

4. Speaking of expenses it has become clear Bradford loves her contributor acquired AT&T cell phone and spending over 200.00 monthly for this cell phone again with contributions. Another contribution question mark was her all expense paid trip back to DC to attend an ALEC conference. What is interesting to note here is that she covered her expenses out of her campaign contributions yet never returned the money back to the campaign fund. Rep. Bradford where did the money go??? Bradford also receives 120 days of per diem which is an additional $18,000.00 on top of the $30,000.00 for 120 days of legislative work.

5. Bradford has her personal company website Pro Safe Products linked on her representative website which gives the impression of mixing private business with public office.

6. Recent comments about the new district maps and who is to blame which of course was not her!

7. Bradford awarded Legislator of the Year from Housing Colorado. What's interesting is Housing Colorado opposed many bills she actually voted for like Ray Scott's tiered rate plan. Makes VetTheGov wonder how you can vote against most of Housing Colorado opposed bills yet receive the award????? 2012 will be a year to watch especially on the affordable housing front and the lobbying pressure from this group towards Bradford's committee position.

8. GOP 2012 State resolution against Obamacare/Amycare: The resolution, which carries no force of law, passed largely on a party-line vote. Only one Republican, Rep. Laura Bradford, R-Collbran, voted against it, but she said later that was by mistake. This sums it all up!

It is time for a new face to represent We the People in Denver instead of someone who has taken advantage of the system and really doesn't want to be there any longer! Stay tuned as hopefully we will see a primary race for HD54!


Great Videos on our fractional reserve banking system!


Super Budget Committee's smokescreen over Special Interest Tax Dollars!

Everyone once again is watching and waiting for another last minute miracle from the super budget committee that includes only the two party system. Yet once again in a backdoor move that breezed through both the house and senate we have an extension so our politicians get paid and a government shutdown is averted in the nick of time. Look at how they mask this spending bill under the names of Agriculture, FDA, and rural development. Our government can't seem to stop spending as noted in H.R. 2112. Just another band-aide and just another taxpayer funded check for your senators and representatives! 

The committee is meeting behind closed doors and you can bet they won't accomplish anything except Spend Spend Spend and stick it to the tax payers and middle class because the middle class is too weak to stop them! Are you too weak? You are if you continue to allow corruption in Big Government. Knowledge is power and the time is now to become more vocal and involved then ever before!

Let's take a closer look at the super committee Incumbents and who they really represent.

Senator Patty Murray (D) Co-chair - 2011 Committee Contributions $70,750

Senator John Kyl (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $60,000

Senator Max Baucus (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $453,400

Senator Rob Portman (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $106,801

Senator John Kerry (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $47,588

Senator Pat Toomey (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $265,328

Xavier Becerra (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $382,600

Jeb Hensarling (R) Co-chair - 2011 Committee Contributions $510,550

James Clyburn (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $796,809

Frederick Upton (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $881,750

Chris Van Hollen (D) - 2011 Committee Contributions $178,200

David Camp (R) - 2011 Committee Contributions $1,372,847

You will notice a theme in political giving with Healthcare really stepping it up for both republican and democratic committee members. Banks and Insurance another common theme along with the many other companies that are in bed with Big Government! On the democratic side you see more unions and on the republican side you see more energy companies. VetTheGov in a previous story discussed how your tax dollars fund most of these political PAC funds and how.

VetTheGov would love to pick winners and losers in the upcoming saved by a committee LAST MINUTE decision but the answer is obvious. Only one LOSER and it's you the taxpayer! Until a balanced budget is passed, politicians stop getting paid, Big government and Public companies get out of bed together, politicians STOP unsustainable promises such as Social Security and Pensions, we will only continue seeing band-aides from the corrupt DC politicians. Something to consider is the monopoly money or best known as FIAT money from the Federal Reserve and why we the taxpayers can't peek inside. If you truly follow the money this would be a great place to focus on! Prod a little with your Senator, Representative, and political party leaders about the Federal Reserve and they will likely group you into the NUTTY crazed TEA party membership.

So how can we stop the madness? Let's start demanding politicians not receive any political contributions from anyone other than voters in their districts! Won't get very far here unless We the People stand together on this one! Let's demand investigations into the Federal Reserve! Vote out the Incumbents like the ones above who know very well the troubles we face but have no spine to change status quo because they are on the take! Stop listening to your party’s reasons that if you just vote more of them in they will finally make the necessary changes needed! Stop buying or using a product or service from these companies giving politically for their own bottom line, not yours!

It is DO or DIE time for our future generations and sitting in idle is not the answer. Step up and get involved even on a local basis and start paying attention to every story in the papers and every vote your local and state governments make! It will shock you at first however the more knowledge you gain the more power you will have in helping fix our Country and getting it back on track to greatness! Please watch the video below to understand once again the corruptness in the political world and understand your elected officials follow their golden rule, It's about me not about you! See the LIST here! Another must watch video from CBS on congress insider trading featuring Nancy Pelosi!


Vote NO on Mesa Valley District 51 3B Mill Levy Increase and Why!

Today in the local Sentinel we finally heard the argument from the private small business owners perspective! VetTheGov has broken down the budget game in an earlier story which really gets to the root of the issue, overspending and underperforming and the CUT budget game! VetTheGov has also followed your tax dollars to DC and the politicians through its PERA story. Here is another Colorado county that has the same mill levy increase and for a similar dollar amount yet the facts don't add up there either.

It is very simple when discussing budgets. When submitting budgets governments typically request a best case scenerio of what they think they need for the year. Budgets are typical in the private sector along with many non-profits that must have a target in place. These school budgets then get approval based on annual funding from the Colorado Department of Education Board, Governor's office, and negotiated contractual mandates from the Colorado Education Association.

District 51 on page 18 shows 2011-2012 projected overall revenue of $208,737,201 from requested monies of $231,410,683. Taking numbers from the Sentinel of 21,123 pupils for the year which is $9882 per pupil funding. District 51 has never received this level of funding as you follow the years below of actual expenditures to the district from CDE.

2010-2011 still unavailable.

2010 All funds expenditures for District 51 were $201,300,376 for 20,996.2 pupil count or $9,587.00 per pupil funding PLUS $6,986,584 in TARP funding.

2009 All funds expenditures for District 51 were $199,263,059 for 21,041.8 pupil count or $9,470.00 per pupil funding.

2008 All funds expenditures for District 51 were $194,187,598 for 20,241 pupil count or $9,594.00 per pupil funding.

Source for funding

You can see based on wanted budget dollars and actual dollars received annually the information is used to promote drastic CUTS of over $23 Million yet they continue to receive more dollars every year. 

VetTheGov has been unable to find any decreases in revenue, only increases. Governments and School Districts have learned the budget CUT game to promote more taxes on the you the taxpayer with little or no resistance from the confused public. VetTheGov knows this is intentional and deceiving to the taxpayers. Therefore based on our budget research, VetTheGov promotes a NO vote on 3B and ask you to do your own research into government budget games! VetTheGov also would like the District to give the true reality of why they are always having budget issues! 

The tragedy of education is played in two scenes - incompetent pupils facing competent teachers and incompetent teachers facing competent pupils.  ~Martin H. Fischer


Are you ready for College if you graduate from Mesa County District 51???

How many of you have been hearing the battle cry for more money to the Mesa County District 51 school district? About every day in the local papers sounds about right. VetTheGov located some interesting stats from the Colorado Department of Higher Education and would like to share a few items of interest. 

Some quick stats that won't require much reading! Direct link to the entire legislative report.

2010 Remedial classes needed in at least one subject for first year students attending Mesa State - 47% compared to state average for 4-year public schools at 18.3%.

2005-2010 Remedial classes needed in at least one subject for first year students attending Mesa State - 51.7% average compared to state average for 4-year public schools at 19.4%.

2007-2010 Remedial classes needed in at least one subject for first year students attending Mesa State from District 51 High Schools compared to state average at 28.6%.

* Central HS average 44.125% 

* Fruita Monument HS average 33.525%

* Grand Junction HS average 36.25%

* Palisade HS average 49.925%

Are you children getting a quality education from Mesa County School District 51??? Please watch the video below and determine if a College Education, with its increasing cost from rising inflation, is worth it. Stay tuned for more to come on higher education!


Time for some TEA!

TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY? If you fall into this political thought you are automatically a right wing ultra conservative terrorist tea bagger. At one point the republican party loved you, used you for a vote, and then trashed you! But who are you really? Maybe you are like many who have had enough from a government that has been allowed to grow so large and so powerful and witnessed a two party system merge into one destroying a republic right before our very eyes.

VetTheGov has learned when you want fiscal discipline, you fight fair, and you stand against Big Government and those that worship its alter, get ready for name calling and even harm upon yourself. So why all the hate and vitriol against those who want their governments fiscal house in order? To start, VetTheGov will pick entitlements for votes, a banking cartel gone wild, and Big Government in bed with Big Corporations. Add in TARP, debt ceiling raises of 2.5 Trillion of FIAT money, inflation (another tax on the working class), high unemployment, and you get a majority of the country absolutely fed up with very poor political and fiscal leadership that keep spending and indebting our future generations. Big Government worshippers and politicians on both sides are absolutely frustrated with a movement that obviously is not wanted or needed as it creates a huge obstacle for their agendas.

In Colorado for example, Dick Wadhams former state republican leader, came under contested scrutiny for many of his RINO backings and when called to the carpet he immediately focused his lack of vetting towards the TEA party and called them nuts. Democrats have feared the movement from day one and when name calling gets this good you know the TEA party is on to something. There are too many to use but here is a statement from Maxine Waters with an added opinion that the TEA party are bullies. TEA party get ready to get lumped into the bully legislation right around the corner.

VetTheGov will ask you to join with us sipping on TEA and to stop drinking the red and blue kool-aide! Then and only then does our country and our future generations have any hope to experience the freedoms and blessings of past generations. The time is now to stop the madness all around us and get involved! It may be already too late but serious change can come if We the People stand together and stand strong to get our country back in the right direction.


Senator Marco Rubio on the Spending Crisis!

It's about the Future! Please take 14 minutes out of your busy schedule to listen to the words of a Freshman Senator who wants a Republic back!


Mesa County Library Budget explained!

Since VetTheGov is focused on efficient government and accountability, it's interesting to find almost the exact statement on Mesa County Library's website the same comment. It reads under the Values Statement, "effective and efficient stewardship of library resources." Let's take a closer look at their 2011 budget and see if they use your tax dollars efficiently.

The library is claiming a record number of visitors last year but only show a total number of visits at all of their locations of 720,885. If you divide this number out over 365 days and 8 branches you get about 250 visits daily per branch or 22 visitors per hour. Not sure how many field trips from the school district make up these visits but only half of Mesa County's population or 69,434 own a library card. There is no distinction between new visitors or repeat visitors and no mention of how often the 69,434 card holders are using the library.

Out of $7.5 Million in revenue (your tax money if you own a home) which include fines of $65,000.00, $3.8 Million is for Salary & Benefits which is 51% of the overall budget. Located total FTE's from 2010 of 57 and located information for State libraries here. Salary breakdowns are as follows, Director $102,003.00 and Assitant Director $70,262.00, Branch Heads average between $68,203.00 high end to $53,435.00 low end, Supervisor's average $53,976.00, non-supervising librarian's average $44,649.00 to $43,596.00, and hourly wages average from $17.61 to $9.42. VetTheGov is curious on how you can fine for a free tax funded use of a public library and what constitutes a fine? Is this just late returns or lost books? How much is actually collected?  

How do you manage to have a $30,000.00 telephone bill if all your business is local? With the minimal traffic at the library, wouldn't only one phone be needed at each branch? In today's cable systems there is an included long distant calling plan for unlimited USA long distant calling that is very minimal.  

$430,000.00 for computer stuff & look closely at Marmot services. Marmot charges $242,000.00 annually for access to e-books online. With all this internet access they still have a courier bill of $35,000.00. The library spends $62,000.00 for advertising more than likely on GVT shelters (not sure what they advertise for, maybe for more visitors). Another $922,000.00 for electronic media and materials and only $188,000.00 out of $922,000.00 going towards kids stuff.

Mesa County Libraries pays $90,000.00 in rent somewhere and $100,000.00 in energy cost. See recent Sentinel article on how the Library is going green! Can you smell the green from your tax dollars headed right towards Xcel energy? VetTheGov has a great suggestion for going green and that would be just have the library go completely online and offer free computers and internet access to those that need it. This would save huge energy cost from having trophy buildings and taxpayers driving to and from these buildings. Needless to say would save huge amounts of tax dollars required to operate.

Over $65,000.00 for insurance and VetTheGov wonders who in town writes these policies? Is there a less expensive option or do we the taxpayers get charged additional dollars since we pay for it? Is there a bidding procedure in place for insurance? Questions we need to start asking our government who takes our taxes and spends them how they please not how we please!

Travel budget is $30,000.00 for librarians and administration. Where do they get to go during these rough economic conditions? This fund also pays the County's Treasurer salary of $145,000.00 annually.

Lastly, the capital projects fund has $1.3 Million slated for new trophy buildings & landscaping. These are feel good buildings and projects such as the recent Fruita library that spent your tax money like drunken sailors on furniture and furnishings! It's time to stop the out of control spending and take away the open checkbooks from our elected and hired government service personnel. Please email your local elected officials and tell them enough is enough! You could always attend the board meetings listed on the website and share your frustrations.

VetTheGov hopes you have a better understanding of your local tax dollars and how they are spent. Please feel free to leave comments on how WE the PEOPLE can stop the out of control spending! Do you think the Library is using your tax dollars efficiently? Do you actually use the Library? Let us know in the comment section.