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VetTheGov recently received information regarding a CORA request for specific sex crime stats within the town limits of Palisade, Colorado.  Well for only $45,000.00 you can possibly obtain the detail but the below letter proves a small town of 2,500 residents doesn't really want to air their dirty laundry!  Since 2011-present there are over 15,000 calls for service and potentially 3,000 of those sexual in nature. This small town surely has some big crime issues.

Below is the breakdown of all the calls in the Town of Palisade since 2011.  Some highlights to note are the over 826 Traffic Stops as this indicating Revenue Generation is on the rise, Suicide calls, Sex related calls, Sex offender confirmations regarding correct address on file, DUI arrest and DUI related calls, Assaults in progress, Fraud, and Burglaries and Burglaries in progress.  Overall 2015 placed a huge burden on the towns ability to keep pace with this current crime wave!


Lastly the Colorado Bureau of Investigation keeps track of local annual stats of major crimes and total arrest. The 2015 data hasn't yet been released but 2014 arrest of 87 adults and 24 juveniles should in and of itself raise your eyebrows. Based on the 2015 town stats above this trend looks to still be on the rise.

The town's board of trustees and town staff have adopted a progressive approach to place the Town of Palisade on the map. Let's just say they have done their jobs as these police stats speak very clearly to the destruction this progressive direction has caused and will continue to cause. Using the following equation (Number of Crimes in 2014 approx. 488 / Population of 2500) x 1,000 = Crime Rate Per 1,000 population. The Town of Palisade has approximately 195.2 crimes per 1,000 residents!!! For comparison, the City of Grand Junction in 2014, had 10,043 total crimes reported with a census estimated population of 60,210 residents for a ratio of 167 crimes per 1,000 residents.  

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