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Mesa County DHS Director Tracey Garchar being TRUTHFUL in recent Meeting with VetTheGov?

VetTheGov attended a meeting with Mesa County DHS Executive Director Tracey Garchar regarding the embarrassing and sloppy details of how the Seriani family was treated in the out of jurisdiction overreach case. VetTheGov towards the end of the meeting asked how Director Garchar overspent by almost $1.5 Million on his child welfare budget expenditures to see if it somehow related to the urgent need to send case managers out of jurisdiction and Director Garchar responded that VetTheGov was wrong with the information in its previous story. Since Truth is always the quest here at VetTheGov, the following information was located for your review.

First off below you can see the State DHS (Over)/Under Expenditures regarding the $1.492 Million was OVER (Not Under) Expenditures allowed by the State of Colorado for Mesa County allocations. You will also notice the previous years total was $961,962 Over Expenditures yet Director Garchar defends a $20K difference.

Now in the video below you will hear the comments regarding VetTheGov's "wrong" comment along with defense of the case load being higher.

Finally shown below are stats from 2011-2015 regarding accepted abuse and neglect calls (shown in green) are down versus up as stated by Director Garchar. Here is the actual link so that you can manipulate the data over a longer historical trend but will show that trends are way down versus what was stated in the meeting.

VetTheGov located this State Joint Budget Committee piece on page 15 regarding the State Department of Human Services on County Governments.

"If counties over-expend their allocations, they are responsible for covering the shortfall, although they are often able to access federal matching funds for county-only expenditures, depending upon the program."

On page 22-County Incentive Payments: "County incentive payments are distributed to counties on a quarterly basis using the same formula that is applied for federal child support enforcement incentives. The formula takes into account the "collections base" for the county (an adjustment for county size) and each county’s performance on four child support enforcement measures: the paternity establishment percentage, the percentage of caseload with child support enforcement orders, the percent of current support paid, and the percent of arrears cases with a payment made. Counties are required to spend county incentive payments on social services, but are otherwise unrestricted in how the funds are used."

Director Garchar is the leader of a multi-million dollar Mesa County government organization with only an accounting background that is responsible for sending out unqualified case managers to interrogate your kids anywhere and by any means necessary to meet the deadlines for what appears to be incentive dollars for this county department. What is so sad these days are the Mesa County social stats trending way up or leading nationally in all negative categories that this department is tasked to lower! Stay tuned as the complete Seriani Jurisdiction Overreach Case will be published very soon.

Reader Comments (1)

Wow! Great investigative work, Kevin!

Your quote from page 22 of "County Incentive Payments" would tend to explain the MCDHS' motive for why they have fraudulently collected some $100K from my brother David based on a legal-nullity support order which was fraudulently made in direct violation of the express legislative prohibition contained in C.R.S. 19-1-104(6).

David's driver's license and passport were illegally seized using the same fraudulent legal-nullity order, and David has thereby been illegally prevented from visiting two of his sons (who were illegally allowed to relocate to England with their seriously mentally ill mother in direct violation of Colorado public policy) for over 17 years.
Interested persons can read the my detailed exposé of this horrendous crime/injustice at

In my view, people need to go to prison over this monstrous crime perpetrated by MCDHS with political cover provided by various local politicians and judges.
No doubt there are many other such covered-up MCDHS horror stories out there which, if honestly and vigorously investigated and prosecuted, would bring their whole rotten money-motivated house of cards tumbling down. No wonder they are so desperate to continue covering up the truth.
At the end of the day, it appears that the MCDHS couldn't care less about children and parents or how many lives they ruin. It's ALL about money, all about the millions of dollars in matching federal funds rolling into the county's coffers. How unspeakably sad.

Please keep up the great investigative work!

February 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Wilkenson

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