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Mesa County Government, Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Previous Sheriff Hilkey, Multiple Mesa County Deputies, and Contracted Mesa County Healthcare Provider Hit with Massive Lawsuit 

VetTheGov usually performs searches on Pacer from time to time and VetTheGov came across this massive lawsuit filed in district court against Mesa County Government entities Case #16CV851, filed in April-2016, related to the death of Tomas Beauford at the Mesa County Detention Facility. Named in the lawsuit are former Sheriff Hilkey and sixteen other Mesa County deputies, Correct Care Solutions, LLC (contracted healthcare provider for the county jail), four nurses, a correctional physicians and healthcare group connected to CCS.

Mesa County taxpayers are under contract with CCS for just under $140,000.00 monthly for healthcare related services to jail inmates. CCS, based on court filings, seems to have a long history of similar issues and litigation when providing medical services for local county jails (see paragraphs 152-172 in below case filing). Mesa County has employed the services of Lewis Brisbois Denver office to represent the county and employees named in the litigation. Only time will tell how much this event will cost the taxpayers of Mesa County.

The current case is currently at the point of discovery in which motion after motion will be filed by both sides. Stay tuned as VetTheGov will keep you apprised of any outcomes in this case! In the meantime, please read the disturbing case below.


Tomas Beauford-picture taken from public lawsuit

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