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City of Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority Lawsuit Exposes Insider Dealings and Contamination Issues Under Main Street

VetTheGov located the lawsuit filed by former City of Grand Junction Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Executive Director John Schneiger. Based on the allegations regarding this entity, it appears this is just another pay-to-play organization for the local good ole boy network. But rest assured, government immunity will be invoked, and the local judicial's will no doubt rule in favor of the good ole boys and girls network using government for their personal benefit.  

Some highlights from the lawsuit:

  • Commingling of Funds between the Downtown Development Fund and the Grand Junction Business Improvement District (BID) noted in paragraph 25 and 27 of the lawsuit.
  • Breach of fiduciary duties by the cities treasurer noted in paragraph 28.
  • DDA and BID not operated as separate entities as required by law.
  • Jason Farrington and Kirk Granum (Board of Directors) ordered John Schneiger to violate DDA by-Laws and Memorandums of Understanding paragraph 43.
  • Board of Director's mismanagement of the DDA and BID and conflict of interest between the two entities noted in paragraph 54.
  • Overpayment of Public Funds for the Facade Enhancement Program which only allowed $10,000 over the 4-year program actually paid out $32,000 noted in paragraph 57.
  • No accurate record keeping and many misplaced or lost records noted in paragraph 58.
  • Throughout Mr. Schneiger’s first weeks as the DDA’s Executive Director, he kept discovering instances where the Board of Directors for the BID and the DDA were misallocating and misappropriating funds from the DDA to the BID, as well as other improprieties with the use of public funds noted in paragraph 63.
  • Board violated Sunshine Laws as noted in paragraph 76.
  • Covering up extent of downtown petroleum contamination in paragraphs 79-86.
  • The decision to terminate Mr. Schneiger’s employment as the Executive Director of the DDA was made by the City and the Board of Directors of the DDA and the BID due to Mr. Schneiger’s desire to address the petroleum contamination issues due to the public safety concerns he had about that, along with Mr. Schneiger’s demands that public funds, assets, and liabilities with respect to the DDA and the BID stop being misappropriated and misallocated. 
  • Mr. Schneiger’s employment was improperly terminated due to the fact that he was bringing significant public issues to light in regard to the operation of the DDA and the BID, the inappropriate use of public funds in regard to these two entities, and the concerns he had about petroleum contamination in downtown Grand Junction as noted in paragraph 99. 

As the trail of former City of Grand Junction employees that look to expose the insider dealings of a progressive out of control government entity continues to climb, rest assured there will be more pay offs and hush monies thrown around. At least in this case some of the TRUTH has become public. Everything else is being held very tightly behind the City of Grand Junction attorneys office!

See VetTheGov's response from the city when trying to obtain an affidavit written and emailed to the City of Grand Junction's Council regarding the Elizabeth Tice termination. Interesting that the city used Special Council to respond! Remember, the system protects the system and you don't have the needed funds to take on city hall ever! 

Stay tuned....

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