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EXCLUSIVE: Iraq Combat Veteran who hasn't seen his two kids in over 12 years files DOJ complaint against Mesa County Judges, Magistrates, DHS office, and the DA's Office

In a case that almost exactly resembles a previous VetTheGov parent kidnapping story involving the Wilkenson family, James Hamilton, a decorated disabled Iraq combat veteran from the 101st Airborne Division, has shared his long bout with the local Mesa County legal and justice system regarding the fight to spend time with his two children. 

This drama began unfolding back in 2004-2005 involving another child sharing custody battle involving divorce attorney Catherine Burkey, once again taking center stage in this horror story. To keep it very simple, VetTheGov will share a very recent Department of Justice complaint filed against many local public officials along with local divorce attorney Catherine Burkey. James Hamilton has also attempted to get the FBI and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children involved with very little luck to date.

This story is being shared to help educate those of you that have had similar experiences in order to understand the evils of unchecked government entities who blame lack of funds or resources as excuses to no longer fight or investigate criminal activity. Please read the complaint and documents provided below to understand what our justice system's pay to play discriminatory system looks like.

Stay tuned as VetTheGov is receiving more documents regarding this Family Court corruption! If you have a similar case, please either contact VetTheGov via email or simply comment in the comment section of this story the details of your case.

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