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BREAKING: Mesa U.S. County Commissioners Make Deal with the Devil and give up Local Control to the Feds!

VetTheGov has been tracking Federal Grant monies being authorized by your local Mesa U.S. County Commissioners (USBOCC) since around 2010 and a trend has developed.  Our so called local government and USBOCC is really nothing more then an extension of the Federal Government redistribution "depend on them plan!"  When We the Tax Slaves vote for local County officials they immediately begin the business for the largest stakeholder, the Feds.  This was proven this week when all three Mesa County Commissioners voted to approve two Federal Grants from the Federal Government.  When your local USBOCC can't afford a position, program, or stuff, they call on the Feds for help and in this case they didn't ask if the position was necessary or if the program could be streamlined they just simply voted unanimously Yes to the federal money.  Watch the sickening Yes votes in the below video!

Mesa County Commissioners were told regarding the emergency manager grant that it helped with training and compliance to the overall state and federal plan.  What they weren't told is that the grant paid half of Andy Martsolf's salary.  The second grant accepted by the USBOCC was for Federal Tasers and on the cover letters from the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) it was addressed to Chairman Rose Pugliese and the address was the Sheriff's Office located on Rice Street.  Very interesting because as you study the county's Emergency Operating Plan (EOP) on page 9 you will notice during an emergency event the Chairman of the USBOCC is the Chief Executive Officer of the county and the only one who can beckon federal help.  The DOJ knows the Chairman of the BOCC is the only one who can take the federal money and not the local sheriff because the sheriff is now neutered when an emergency situation arises and the feds come strolling in! Be sure to Thank your USBOCC the next time you see one of them.

So how does your so called local government give up local control? Simple they accept Federal grant monies and now the Feds own the county government even if the granted amounts are small in size. However the special conditions in these grants are large as ever.  Here is the stunning list of compliances and what they mean to you as a local tax slave stakeholder:

DOJ Taser Grant-$18,141.00

1. Ensuring Access to Federally Assisted Programs

2. Enforcing Federal Civil Rights Laws

3. Providing Services to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Individuals

4. Ensuring Equal Treatment of Faith-Based Organizations

5. Using Arrest and Conviction Records in Making Employment Decisions

6. Complying with Nondiscrimination portions of the Safe Streets Act

7. Meet EEOP Requirements train Subreceipients and file assurances every Three years

8. Part 200 Uniform Requirements

9. Comply with DOJ Financial Guide

10. Comply with SAMS

11. Adopt & Enforce Executive Order 13513 No Texting or Distracted Driving which could make for interesting policies with laptops in patrol vehicles  

12. Training Must Adhere OJP Principles

13. Collect & Provide Data according to GPRA Modernization Act

14. Cooperate with BJA OCFO

15. Monitor Subrecipients compliance with Civil Rights Laws and submit MOA within 90 days to OJP

16. Comply with DOJ Global Justice Information Sharing

17. Comply with 28 CFR Part 23

18. Comply with 28 CFR Part 46

19. Comply with Confidentiality Requirements 42 USC section 3789g and 28 CFR Part 22 and submit a Privacy Certificate

20. Law Enforcement Personnel to Complete Required online training wthin 120 days or fund receipts

21. Participate in BJA trainings or conferences if required

22. Submit Quarterly Financial Report (SF-425)

23. Funds must not supplant State or Local Funds but must be used to Grow the Law Enforcement budget!

24. Establish a Trust Fund Account

25. Comply with NEPA-The Grantee understands that this special condition applies to its following new activities whether or not they are specifically funded with these grant funds

26. Submit annual JAG Success Stories

View the Breakdown of the Approved Emergency Management Manager Funding Grant in previous VetTheGov story here.  Below you will find the Taser Grant Cover letter sent to U.S. Commissioner Pugliese from the DOJ.  

Why do we need a USBOCC if we are going to allow the Feds to trample every bit of local control via accepting their nickels and dimes?  This Mesa County Tax Slaves is what you get for $72,500.00 per each USBOCC.  Mesa County is now at the mercy of the Feds and any future Dictator in Chief ushering in the New World Order!  Welcome to the Federal Police State Mesa County!!!

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