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Have you ever wondered where and how your tax dollars are spent on local, state, and federal levels? Have you wondered if they were being used properly by our government officials? Not had the time to research budgets vs. actual spending and if the government program or service is truly beneficial? And most importantly, wondered who keeps our elected officials and government agencies accountable? is dedicated to keeping our government accountable and transparent and digs deeper than just local, state, and federal government websites designed to confuse and frustrate the public. Our team will deliver in-depth reporting and investigations of government waste or government works thus alleviating the confusion tactics used to discourage you the tax paying citizen. Remember your tax dollars are funding all of these government programs and the elected officials are supposed to work for us. This site is intended to keep all government officials accountable to you as the system was originally designed. 

If you have a specific area of government or have a specific government service for us to research please use the anonymous submission or send us an email via the contact us page.

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