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Where you find an imbalance. (Fiscally..with a dash of political impropriety)

Why do we always hear our government and media tell us services will suffer if taxes and fees aren't raised? Police, Fire, School programs, and essential services will get cut but not wasteful spending or wasteful programs. Did you know how far reaching the tentacles of the federal government span into your local community?  

These are the questions this site will strive to answer along with many more and help educate the masses on how efficient or inefficient our government is and how effective our tax dollars to the penny are spent and the benefits to you on a local basis.

We will ask our elected officials to explain in detail their voting records on fiscal matters and why they voted yes or no on spending bills. The time is upon us to start paying attention to every detail of our government so we can be confident they are performing the task we voted them in to perform.

VetTheGov will allow you to escape the hassle of digging through multiple layers of government hide and seek web pages and bring you quick accurate information you always wanted to know but didn't have the time or know how to find.