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Update: Senator Steve King Ethics violations coming to a close in June

Back in 2014, VetTheGov hand delivered an ethics complaint to the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission Office located in Denver.  The complaint Case #14-16 was tabled until former Senator and Mesa County Sheriff candidate plead guilty to felony embezzlement and misdemeanor official misconduct.  The panel has now found that indeed former State Senator Steve King in fact did breach public trust and his fiduciary duty to the People.  

The frustrating part to this entire process is that a deeper investigation should have been completed with all branches of this bad vine cut off from the public dole.  

See below order.


Breaking: Town of Palisade newly hired Court Clerk Arrested

Looks like Town of Palisade strikes out once again on another fantastic personnel hiring decision. This decision was announced back in the town's February 24, 2015 Trustee meeting.  Here is the comment from town clerk Lindsey Chitwood announcing her hiring decision out of 60 candidates:

New Staff Members

We recently went through a hiring process for our part-time Court Clerk. I believe we received approximately 60 applications. Joe, Marna Lake (our Judge) and I narrowed the candidates down to six and decided on Sherry Schaaphok. Sherry’s been a Court Clerk in Farmington, New Mexico for a number of years. She and her husband purchased a house in Palisade a little over two years ago and they’ve been renovating it on long weekends. Sherry seems very excited to work for the Town of Palisade as our part-time Court Clerk. Her first day in the office will be March 2nd, make sure you stop in to say hi. Once she gets her feet wet with answering the phones a bit and learning about the front office, I’ll have her work closely with Thalia to train as the Court Clerk and hopefully, we can get her up to speed as soon as possible to help relieve Thalia of the Court Clerk duties.
On April 27, 2015 at the early hour of 8:48 PM the Town of Palisade Court Clerk Sherry Lynn Schaaphock was booked into the Mesa County Jail by Palisade Police for Domestic Violence and Harrasment Strikes Shoves Kick which are both misdemeanor charges. 

Seems with the Town of Palisade high paid administrative staff this might have been avoided if they just did some simple background checks but based on past issues within the town government these type of backgrounds and incidents are welcome and actually help concrete your position for years to come. Looks like Sherry Schaaphock will be a great addition to the team! The hiring decision was credited to town treasurer Joe Vlach, town Judge Marna Lake, and town clerk Lindsey Chitwood. 

Stay tuned as there is surely more mugshots and gossip to come from a town government gone wild!